Us Post Office Distribution Center


Mail Is Dropped Off At A Usps Processing Center

Processing and distribution center audited

The next piece of the puzzle, though, is for that mail to be collected in bulk and then brought to a regional USPS processing facility.

This processing facility is used to then separate and categorize individual pieces of mail according to a variety of different system designations.

For example, every piece of first-class mail will be separated out from every piece of priority mail . That mail will then be further separated into individual states and individual ZIP Codes and then organized to be sent out from that USPS distribution center.

Each piece of mail is going to go through this treatment, with the overwhelming majority of the process automated every step of the way. US postal employees are going to monitor and supervise this process, though, guaranteeing that everything is consistent and accurate.

Mail Is Sent Out To Usps Distribution Centers

The next step in the chain is for the mail to be bundled together with other pieces of mail headed to the same destination and then sent out the door.

Some of that mail is going to be loaded onto USPS trucks for a long haul trip. Other pieces are going to be loaded up onto airplanes for faster delivery. Others still are going to be dumped onto smaller USPS vehicles for local distribution.

Either way, mail needs to move from its original sorting facility onto the next USPS distribution center so that it can be further moved on and get closer to its ultimate destination.

Lessons Learned From 47 Usps Projects

Key lessons learned from a key construction partnership.

Through Build Smart construction, we deliver efficient facilities that help companies streamline distribution and improve their businesses. In this distribution center construction project, we helped the United States Postal Service improve distribution efficiency.

The Korte Company was selected to design and build the 147,217-square-foot facility for the USPS. For the project, we teamed with RNL Design as our Design-Build partner.

In the design of the new facility, our team provided the USPS with manageable solutions for the integration and processing of deliveries both entering and leaving the building. And we captured efficiencies during the Design-Build process to help facilitate a functional and economical flow of materials. The design provided an optimum number of workspaces and loading bays for the USPS.

Weve also delivered distribution centers for a wide variety of commercial distributors throughout the United States. Learn more about our warehouse construction services.

Project details

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Final Usps Distribution Centers Disperse Mail To Local Delivery Post Offices

US Post Office Distribution Center

In some situations, a piece of mail will only have to visit a single regional USPS distribution center.

This is usually the case when youre talking about a piece of mail going to a local area business, residential address, or a destination in a similar ZIP Code.

For example, a piece of mail originating in Massachusetts headed to Rhode Island is almost always going to find itself working its way through the Springfield, Massachusetts distribution center. A piece of mail traveling from Vermont to Connecticut is likely going to stop off in that same Springfield, Massachusetts USPS Distribution Center.

For pieces of mail that are going to be sent across country the odds are pretty good that those letters and packages are going to find themselves bouncing between a couple of different USPS Distribution Centers.

Sometimes a piece of mail will only have to go to two distribution centers, other times it will hit three or four. At the end of the day, though, the USPS logistical systems try to find the most direct and the fastest path for that piece of mail to travel from one address to another.

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Standards Vary By Mail Class

Many ask, What time does the USPS deliver? The answer varies based on mail class. The Service Standard for First Class mail is perhaps the easiest to understand.

The Critical Entry Time is the cutoff time for mail to be processed the same day it is dropped at the postal facility. It is expressed in 24-hour increments. For First Class Mail the CET is 8:00 AM. Mail destined for ZIP codes within the SCF area that it is entered into should be in-home next day. Mail destined for ZIPs within 300 miles of the entry point is to be in-home on Day 2. All other mail for the continental U.S. should be in-home by Day 3. Alaska and Hawaii mail should be in-home by Day 5.

The Service Standards for Standard Mail are also fairly straightforward when calculating USPS delivery times. If mail is delivered to a National Distribution Center prior to 16:00, the Service Standard is 1-5 days from that date. SCF Mail delivered prior to 16:00 on a Friday or Saturday has a Service Standard of 1-4 days. And SCF mail delivered prior to 16:00 any other day of the week has a Service Standard of 1-3 days. If mail is delivered after 16:00, it is considered delivered the following day and does not make the cut off for processing that night. So 16:00 is the Critical Entry Time for Standard Mail.

Service Hubs And Facilities

The general role of Hubs in the current network will be to serve as down-flow mail facilities similar to our Network Distribution Centers , Area Distribution Centers and Sectional Center Facilities . If a facility is identified as a Hub, it will serve as a cross-dock facility for destinating volume that is properly prepared and entered at the Hub location. The Hub will transport mail to the downstream delivery units that the Hub services.

Who are Service Hubs and Facilities for?

Hubs will accept direct cross-dock containers only of 5-Digit ZIP, 5-Digit Carrier Route pallets, bundles, sacks or containers of Standard, Periodical, Bound Printed Matter, and Parcels.


Overview & Benefits

The objective of the Hub network is to allow mail to be destination entered for downstream delivery units, thus allowing customers to enter closer to destination for a service benefit. It will also reduce transportation costs for both the mailers and the Postal Service.

Presort Preparation: Anything currently eligible to be dropped at a Destination Delivery Unit can be dropped at a Hub, but will receive the Hub discount:

  • Bundles on merged 5-digit scheme or 5-digit scheme carrier route pallets prepped according to the L001 are eligible for Hub drops
  • Bundles on 5-digit scheme pallets prepped according to the L007 are NOT eligible for Hub drops
  • 5-digit pallets and 5-digit scheme pallets prepped according to the L606 are eligible for Hub drops
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    The Postal Service Will Build Out 60 New Facilities As Part Of Louis Dejoy’s 10

    Closure of Redmond’s USPS distribution center could impact 1 million people

    The U.S. Postal Service is planning to build 60 new regional processing centers, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy announced on Tuesday, hoping to create facilities that will make the agency more operationally efficient and better for employees.

    USPS will still drastically reduce its overall footprint by closing facilities that it says are redundant and create costly inefficiencies, as part of a plan it announced in May, but will replace them with new and repurposed mega-centers that can process, sort and send out for delivery mail all under one roof. DeJoy called the change a transformative investment that will make the Postal Service a more attractive place to work and enable it to meet its on-time delivery goals while maintaining its self-sustainability. The building of the new centers will take take several years to implement and are part of DeJoys promise to invest $40 billion in capital improvement projects.

    This new strategy will reduce redundant operations and transportation across the nation, saving us both time and money, DeJoy said in a message to employees on Tuesday.

    While USPS will eliminate many delivery units, annexes and some plants, the postmaster general vowed to invest in most existing mail and processing facilities to align them with the new strategy. The agency will repurpose some facilities that were previously vacated.

    Do Not Sell My Personal Information

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    Understanding Usps Delivery Performance

    In the world of multichannel marketing, its critical to have accurate information related to offline customer touchpoints.

    Daunting as this information might be, competent mail service providers today have the experience, data and tools to help mailers build accurate and predictable mail distribution plans. The best can also help deal with or overcome breakdowns in USPS delivery performance.

    How The Usps Delivery Process Works

    Now that weve gone over what a USPS Distribution Center is, its time to break down the every day process that a regular piece of First Class mail goes through when it is sent via the USPS.

    This will give you a much better idea of the important role that individual distribution centers play in the spoke and hub infrastructure system that the USPS leverages these days.

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    United States Virgin Islands

    See Puerto Rico above.

    Note: Virginia 242 is served by Knoxville, Tennessee Virginia 246 is served by Charleston, WV.

    • Dulles 44715 Prentice Dr., Sterling, VA 20101
    • Northern 8409 Lee Hwy., Merrifield, VA 22081
    • Richmond 5801 Technology Blvd, Sandston, VA 23150
    • Norfolk 600 Church St, Norfolk, VA 23501-9908
    • Roanoke 419 Rutherford Ave. NE, Roanoke, VA 24022

    Note: Washington 986 is served by Portland, Oregon. 987 is unassigned.

    • Seattle 10700 27th Ave S, Tukwila, WA 98168
    • Tacoma 4001 S Pine St, Tacoma, WA 98413-9994
    • Wenatchee 3075 Ohme Rd, Wenatchee, WA 98801-9997
    • Yakima 205 W Washington Ave Yakima, WA 98903-9998
    • Spokane 2928 S Spotted Rd, Spokane, WA 99224

    Arrived At Usps Regional Facility Meaning

    Hot Topic/Torrid Distribution...

    Arrived at USPS Regional Facility message on tracking

    Im seeing Arrived at USPS Regional Facility message on the tracking page but instead, it should have arrived at my home, right?

    When a shipment is sent through the United States Postal Service, it goes to various region distribution centers before reaching your home.

    Every region has a distribution center. A regional distribution center sends your parcel to another regional distribution center which is located closer to your location.

    Are the USPS Regional Facility and USPS Distribution Center same?Exactly, both terms are used interchangeably. Here is where the shipments gets sorted.

    You can see the below image to understand it better.

    Your shipment will travel to a number of USPS Regional Facilities and after that, it will reach the USPS Regional Destination Facility.

    From there it will be sent to the post office and then you will get it at your doorstep.

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    List Of Network Distribution Centers

    The United States Postal Service currently has 22 NDCs:

    Destination ZIP
    006-009, 313-317, 320-342, 344, 346-347, 349, 398 Jacksonville NDC
    240-241, 243, 245, 270-297, 299 Greensboro NDC
    242, 298, 300-312, 318-319, 350-352, 354-368, 373-374 376-379, 394, 395, 399, 407-409, 417-418, 425-426 Atlanta NDC
    246-253, 255-259, 261-264, 266, 400-406, 410-416, 427 430-433, 437-438, 450-462, 469-474, 478-479 Cincinnati NDC
    369-372, 375, 380-393, 396-397, 421-422, 700-701 703-708, 716-717, 719-729
    420, 423-424, 475-477, 609, 613-620, 622-631, 633-634, 636-639 St. Louis NDC
    463-464, 530-532, 534-535, 537-539, 549, 600-608, 610-611 Chicago NDC
    498-499, 540-548, 550-551, 553-567, 576, 580-588 MinneapolisSaint Paul NDC
    500-516, 520-528, 570-575, 577, 612, 680-681, 683-689 Des Moines NDC
    590-599, 677, 690-693, 800-816, 820-834, 836-837, 840-847 850-853, 855-857, 859-860, 863, 865, 870-871, 873-879, 884, 898, 979 Denver NDC
    635, 640-641, 644-658, 660-662, 664-676, 678 Kansas City NDC
    679, 710-714, 718, 730-731, 733-741, 743-770, 772-799, 880-883, 885 Dallas NDC
    835, 838, 970-978, 980-986, 988-999 Seattle NDC
    864, 889-891, 893, 900-908, 910-928, 930-935 Los Angeles NDC

    Unique Bar Codes Are Attached To Envelopes And Boxes

    While this sorting is going on each and every piece of mail is going to have a unique barcode attached to it, allowing that individual piece of mail to be tracked independently but also allowing it to be tracked in bulk with all the rest of its traveling companions.

    Most people think that every piece of mail gets scanned individually every time it arrives at another USPS distribution center.

    Thats not really what happens.

    When youre talking about moving north of 173 million pieces of mail every day , thats just not feasible.

    What happens instead is all of these unique barcodes are grouped and linked together with pieces of mail that are headed to the next distribution center. All those pieces of mail are bundled into large pallets and groups, and then the entire group gets scanned with a single barcode that updates all the rest associated with it.

    Thats how youre able to track your individual piece of mail as it moves around the country just as everyone else is able to track theres making the same journey.

    Its a lot more efficient, its a lot more accurate, and its a lot more reliable than breaking each pallet down, separating every piece of mail, scanning each piece of mail on its own, and then rinsing and repeating the process every time a new USPS distribution center gets that pallet.

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    North Bay Processing And Distribution Center Finance Post Office

    Hazmat called to Clive post office distribution center
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    • us post office – n. mcdowell petaluma & #149
    • us post office – north mcdowell petaluma petaluma & #149

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    Usps Outlines Plans For New Sorting And Delivery Centers

    Postal unions have been given a first glimpse of Postmaster General Louis DeJoys plan for reshaping mail deliveries.

    The unions and associations were shown a list of the first 10 sorting and delivery centers that DeJoy wants to create as part of his 10-year Delivering for America plan for the United States Postal Service.

    Those centers were supposed to become operational Aug. 27, according to the initial plans, but only the site in Athens, Ga., was said to be ready to make the transition then, according to an Aug. 16 memo from the National Association of Postal Supervisors.

    A USPS slide presentation posted online by the United Postmasters and Managers of America said the USPS believes three of the proposed sorting and delivery centers could be operational before the start of the 2022 elections and peak mail season.

    In addition to Athens, the other first sites were said to be in Bryan, Texas, and Newburgh, N.Y.

    However, the National Association of Postal Supervisors said in a memo to its board that the USPS has decided to delay implementation until after election season, peak season or when all aspects of the operation will allow, whichever is later.

    The Athens site is scheduled for full implementation in late September, the Association said.

    Lloyd said the new centers should provide easier standardization and management of operations while improving building and operating conditions for employees.

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