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Can I Drop A Usps Package At Walgreens

2,000 Post Office Locations May Close

Walgreens is a great option for dropping off USPS packages around the clock since Walgreens locations are open 24 hours a day. Walgreens also has over 8,000 locations so theyre also an incredibly convenient option for drop-offs, especially considering that theyre usually located in suburban areas along major roads.

Search For Post Office Locations By State

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Matching Zip Codes With States Counties And Cities

Remember that ZIP codes were made to make mail delivery easier. They weren’t made to correspond to existing boundaries suchas cities, counties, or even states. If it is more efficient for a mail carrier to drive across a state line to deliver mail, the ZIP code”boundary” will cross the state lines. ZIP codes don’t usually cross state lines, but some do .The complete list of ZIP codes that cross state lines is available as part of our .

It gets even more complicated when trying to assign a ZIP code to a specific county , congressional district,metro area, time zone, area code, etc. The edges of the boundaries commonly overlap. For the purposes of our downloads, we will commonly list either the most common region for the ZIP code or list multiple regions if several exist in the ZIP code.

For cities, the assignment is somewhat more complicated. USPS does not always use the city in which the ZIP code is located. The assignment ofcities to ZIP codes is more general. The city is usually the name of the main post office. For instance, almost all ZIP codes in St. Louis County inMissouri have a city of Saint Louis when they may be more accurately described as the name of a smaller city where they are located.

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Need To Find A Usps Fingerprinting Location

USPS fingerprinting is offered by select post office locations across the United States. Most locations offer FBI background check live scan appointments upon request. Use our map finder below to find a location near you. USPS fingerprinting locations are shown on the map along with PrintScan corporate offices.

PrintScan offices offer a professional alternative to any fingerprint service offered at USPS.

Usa Zip Code Boundaries

US Post Office

Despite the fact that ZIP codes seem to be geographic in nature, that wasn’t their intended purpose. They are intended to group mail to allow the USPS to deliver mailmore efficiently. Some ZIP codes will span multiple states in order to make mail routing and delivery more efficient.In most cases, addresses in close proximity to each other are grouped in the same ZIP code which gives the appearance that ZIP codes are defined bya clear geographic boundary. However, some ZIP codes have nothing to do with geogaphic areas. For instance, a single ZIP code is used for all US Navy mail.When ZIP codes appear to be geographically grouped, a clear shape cannot always be drawn around the ZIP code because ZIP codes are only assigned to a point of deliveryand not the spaces betweendelivery points. In areas without a regular postal route or no mail delivery, ZIP codes may not be defined or have unclear boundaries.

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How Do I Prepare My Package For Drop Off

When you book USPS shipping online with Parcel Monkey, well provide you with the shipping label once your order is complete. All you need to do is print it off and attach it to your package before you drop it off at your nearest USPS Post Office.

If youre sending an international parcel, please print off the customs documents, which will be generated during the booking process and attach these also. Read more on how to attach your customs documents.

About The United States Post Office

United States post office also known as USPS. It is an independent agency. In the United States, U.S Government is responsible for providing the postal service. They also serve the postal services in insular areas and associated states. USPS is one of the few government agencies explicitly authorized by the United States Constitution.

USPS headquarters is located at 475 L.Enfant Plaza SW, Washington, D.C.20260-004, United States.

In 2016, the U.S Postal service collected $71.5 billion in revenue.

Finding Mailboxes Through The Mailbox Map

You can also locate the closest mailboxes with the help of This website will help you in finding all mailboxes and out of them, you can choose the closest one. After visiting this website, simply type your location details, and the map will show you the nearest mailboxes, Post offices, and USPS stores.

What Documents Do I Need For A Passport Renewal Near Me

Post Office

If you are doing the passport renewal at your local passport office, all you need is your expired passport and your checkbook. They can take the passport photo and will also have the DS-82 passport application. However, if you want to be prepared, follow our checklist below to gather the required documents before you visit a passport office near you.

  • Expired or soon-to-be-expired passport

You can also gather the required documents and complete everything in the comfort of your own home. Once you have all the required documents gathered, you can ship them to the address on the DS82 application form.

How Do I Find A Mailbox Near Me

There are thousands of Post Office and USPS mailbox locations that are found nationwide, so it will be easy for you to find a USPS drop-off location near you to mail parcels Domestically or Internationally.

Some of you may already know wheres the closest mailbox. If you are having trouble finding the nearest mailbox to send your mail, you dont have to worry about it. Many options can help you in finding the nearest mailboxes.

Select Your State Below To Start Searching

Are you looking for a post office? Well let us help your find one in your area. Search by zip for click on a state below to find your local post office address. Get your mail sent today. Find your local US post office with all contact information, hours of operation, and pinpoint map location.

Find a Post Office by searching your area and get your mail done today. This site is not affiliated with or endorsed by the United States Postal Service or any other government operated postal service. For informational purposes only.

How To Find Us Post Office Hours:

To make it easier to transact and utilize the full range of services offered by United States Postal Services, locating a post office, which is conveniently located is important. To this effect, there are few tools which can be used to find out the opening and closing hours, determine the exact location and address of the post offices across the country. All information about this is available on the USPS website and has been detailed below.

Is The Post Office Open Today

Find The Nearest Post Office [Google USPS Locator]


Today is not a post office holiday, so post offices will be open during normal business hours. Post Offices are closed on Sundays. Happy mailing!

There are not many things more frustrating than arriving at the post office only to find that the doors are locked. The United States Postal Service takes mail delivery very seriously, and there are not many things that cause them to close. However, they do observe a few Federal holidays throughout the year on which mail is not delivered and the local post office is closed. Thankfully, if you simply need to check your PO Box, most locations allow 24/7 access to those even when the mail counter might be closed. If you are wondering are post offices open today, then simply look at the message below!

How Can I Find A Post Office Near Me

Almost every town across America has at least one post office location, so there is bound to be a location near you. So, how do you find out where your local post office is located? Easy! Simply visit this convenient post office locator to find the closest location. In addition to an address, you will also find a map, phone numbers, and services offered at the location. You will learn everything that you need to know about your local post office!

Finding Mailboxes Through The Mailbox Locate

The other great website that can be used to locate blue postal boxes is Finding the nearest mailboxes through this website is very easy because it uses your phones GPS to figure out mailboxes near you quickly.

The other good thing about this website is that it shows pick-up days and last pick-up times. This helps to know how much time is left, so if there is some time left for picking up mail, you can mail your letters that day as well.

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Can I Pick The Post Office That Handles My Mail

A lot of people wonder if they can pick a post office to handle their mail, especially if they have a couple of different post office is in their local area â or they have a post office closer to home or work that makes more sense for them.

Typically you are going to have very little say over the post office that handles your mail. Thatâs something set and determined by the folks at USPS.

Itâs not like you can request to have your mail handled by a different post office. This isnât the kind of accommodation the post office is set to make.

Thatâs not to say that you donât have some control over which post office handles your mail, though.

Why The Fbi Requests Your Fingerprints

Post office problems

During an FBI fingerprint background check the FBI will need to access certain personal information from you in order to pull up your criminal record. One of those personal items is your unique fingerprint pattern!

Your fingerprint pattern is used to access national information which includes your “rap sheet” or full criminal record. The agency or department that is requesting you to get an FBI background check most likely needs this information specifically.

The only successful way to obtain your FBI background check is by submitting your fingerprints to the FBI directly and awaiting their response. Printscan offers a full “done for you” solution in order to retrieve your FBI background check.

Setup A Po Box With A Post Office Closer To Your Home/office

Letâs say, for example, that you have a post office in the town your home is in â but itâs clear across town, out of the way, and a bit of a headache to go to on a regular basis.

At the same, thereâs a post office in another town that you work in that is directly across from your office .

Millions of people have this exact kind of scenario playing out for them on a daily basis, and many of them choose to set up a PO Box with a post office that is closer to home or the office to handle their mail more conveniently.

Sure, this is a bit of an unorthodox approach to managing your mailbox. But it can save you a ton of time, a ton of headache, and a ton of hassle that going way out of your way to the post office chosen for you brings to the table.

Itâs something to consider for sure.

What Can You Send Through A Blue Mailbox

You can send all the mail that has proper Postage stamps and weighs less than 13 ounces. If you want to send a mail with a weight of more than 13 ounces, you should take it to the nearest post office in your area and mail it from the Post Offices front counter.

If you put mail without a Postage stamp or weight of more than 13 ounces, it will be returned to you.

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Passport Renewal Near Me

For travelers with an expired or soon-to-be-expiring passport, finding a local office to process your passport is usually the first step. Finding a passport office near me is easy when you use our Passport Office Finder tool.

Using location information from your browser, our Passport Office Finder will list all of the closest passport office locations near you. You can also enter an address if you wish to search for passport offices near a different location.

Package Delivery And Tracking Info Is A Big Help


Of course, another easy way to track down which post office is responsible for handling your mail is to simply check your tracking information on any recent package to see which post office handled it last.

The last post office before the âout for delivery/deliveredâ message is always going to be the post office that handles your mail locally. This keeps things really simple!

The Post Office Existed Before The Us Did

Believe it or not, the post office â or at least a version of the postal service â existed even before the United States was a country.

There were always individual mail and letter carrying services throughout the original colonies, but in 1753 Benjamin Franklin took over what was then the colonial mail system.

Recognizing that the colonies needed a much smarter and more efficient system to move mail back and forth, Franklin practically overhauled the system from top to bottom â improving a very primitive courier system into an organization that could move mail between Philadelphia and New York City in 30 hours!

Franklin continued to hone and refine the service over the next 20 or so years. By the time he was involved in the conversations about the American Revolution he knew that the mail would play a huge role in getting communications to different commanders.

In 1775, even before the was signed and sent off to King George, Franklin transform the constitutional Post into the Post Office of the United States. This is one of the first initiatives of the new American government even before the nation had won its independence.

How To Contact Usps

Customer Care Center: 1-800-275-8777 (lines are open from 8 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. EST Monday to Friday and 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays

Deaf / Hard of Hearing Customers: 1-800-877-8339 and request to be connected to main Customer Care CenterHeadquarters address: 475 LEnfant Plaza SW, Washington D.C. 20590, USA

Headquarters phone number: 202-268-2608Technical Support : 1-800-344-7779UK Royal Mail Customer service : 0345 611 2970 8.15 a.m. to 6 p.m. and 8.30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays

Remember, please avoid using proxys in order for the map function to work probably. If you cannot find the business or restaurant brand that you are looking for, then use the search function at the top of the page.

Please rate your experiences. Use the Star Ratings system to rate brands/restaurants from 1 to 5 stars. The rating is an overall customer rating. Use the comment section to further detail your experiences.

Are Post Office Hours Affected By Covid

For most locations, the Coronavirus pandemic has not affected local post office hours. Local locations must follow their local guidelines related to wearing masks and social distancing. In some locations like New York, local mandates may have forced the post office to be closed to the public temporarily. But, for most areas, the post office has remained open because it is considered an essential service.

Is The Post Office Open Tomorrow

2 local Post Office locations announce expanded holiday hours


Tomorrow is not a post office holiday, so post offices will be open during normal weekday hours. Post Offices are closed on Sundays. Happy mailing!

Perhaps you are buying that perfect gift today that absolutely must get in the mail tomorrow. Or maybe you just need to pick up some stamps to mail a few letters. Hopefully tomorrow is not a post office holiday! The postal service only takes a few days off each year, but before you make the trip, it is a great idea to check the post office hours and make sure they will be open tomorrow. So, is the post office open tomorrow? See below for the answer!

Tracking Shows A Different Post Office Handling My Package Why Is That

Sometimes, though, tracking information may show a different post office handling your package than the one that normally handles mail for you.

This happens every now and again for a couple of different reasons, the most common being that a package is coming from a third-party shipping partner â like FedEx or UPS, for example â and is being handed off to a local post office to handle final delivery.

In the circumstances you may not necessarily be dealing with a package coming from your âhomeâ post office at all.

Instead, FedEx and UPS will choose a post office that they work with regularly to handle the âlast mileâ delivery.

Again, this really doesnât happen all that often. But it will happen every now and again â and it can cause quite a bit of confusion people are used to having one post office handle all of their mail and packages on a regular basis and then a new one shows up in their tracking.

Just know that this doesnât mean that your âhomeâ post office has changed at all. Itâs usually just a one-off kind of thing. Things will go back to normal for the rest of your mail and packages!

Post Office Hours/usps Hours

In short The post office operates more than 34451 USPS across the United States. USPS operating time depends on the office locations. Most of the USPS open morning at 8:00 AM/9:00 AM and close evening at 5:00 PM/6:00 PM. From Monday to Friday, USPS operates more than 8 hours a day. Below we share USPS operating time in the table.

Post Office Hours
8:00 AM/9:00 AM 5:00 PM/6:00 PM

Before visiting near the United States, the post office contacts the customer service team for accurate operating times. Most of the United States Post Office follow its operating time in the above mention timetable.

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