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Oh My God It’s Jan – The Office US

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The press finds out that Sabre’s printers catch on fire. Jo shows up to find out who the whistleblower is. Everyone suspects Andy, who denies he leaked the information.

Michael is surprisingly cheerful after learning some bad news about Donna. Pam and Jim have trouble staying awake in the office. Angela takes her contract dispute with Dwight into her own hands.

Michael suspects Donna is cheating on him and puts PI Dwight Schrute on the case. Meanwhile, Andy is frustrated when no one takes his customer’s complaint seriously.

Mindy Kaling directs as Pam and Jim work on their first sales pitch together to Donna, the manager of a local restaurant. Michael keeps misreading her signals she’s putting out.

It’s Secretary’s Day and Andy tries to make it special for Erin. Meanwhile, Oscar likens Kevin to Cookie Monster.

Happy Hour is always fun. But at Dunder-Mifflin, it’s even more so than where you work. Trust us.

In “New Leads”, Sabre’s sales policy is an issue and not everyone is that excited about it. Read our full recap to see what happened!

This week’s episode is titled “St. Patrick’s Day.” It’s the first installment following the birth of Cecilia Halpert.

Pam’s contractions begin but she and Jim are determined to wait it out as long as possible. Michael anxiously waits the baby. Andy gets jealous of Kevin.

Ner Track Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

After Nick drops Ingrid off at work, she becomes distracted when she sees Jeff. And its even worse for her when she has to speak to him whilst hes shirtless. Meanwhile, Rachel gets to work on the skit that shes making. Later, Ingrid and Jeff get to work on the biggest case of her career, which involves working from the honeymoon suite in a first-class hotel.

When Nick calls Ingrid whilst she is still in the hotel, Ingrid brushes off being with Jeff. But whilst Ingrid dismisses Jeffs ability to Nick, Jeff manages to get results on the case. As Rachel continues to work on the skit, her leading star tries to flee. So she and Justin sail after him on a small boat. When Jeff gains enough results to seal the deal, Ingrid kisses him. But she stops kissing him and says she has to tell Tyler. She rushes to Tyler and unloads her problem onto him. But Tyler has one minor reminder for her she has a boyfriend.

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