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Have A Life Hack Show And Tell

After Covid Team Building Activity Games – Back to the Office *124

Price: $0

Time: 30 min – 1 hr

Best for: Helping grow together as a team.

Show and tell maybe a youthful pursuit, but there are team building activities for adults that use the same concept, like hosting a life hack show and tell. All thatâs required for this one is to:

  • Let your team know about the event ahead of time.
  • Have them come with one life hack ready to share with the group.
  • Go around and present your ideas in the spirit of helping others improve their daily lives.
  • Life hack show and tells are fun. They lead to many âaha!â moments and help your team feel that they can benefit from listening to each other.

    Pro tip: Consider adding themes or parameters to each life hack show and tell, like âworkplace hacksâ or âmorning routine hacks.â

    Activity : Whats My Name

    Time: 25 30 minutes

    Number of participants: Team of 6-7 members

    Tools needed: Labels or name tags

    Running the Activity:

    Put funny labels or name tags on each participants back. The participants will see each others tags and for a certain amount of time ask questions to each other according to the tags. Each participant has to figure out what the label is on them on the basis of the questions that other participants are asking them. The one who figures out exits and the one that remains still the end loses the game.

    Objective: The team will develop a sense of how to treat each others job role and will learn how they see each other.

    Pack Up Your Troubles

    In this activity, you need to make everyone write down an issue at work that has been bothering them, then crumple them up and throw them in a pile. Separate the office into groups, have each team grab a few problems at random, uncrumple them, and brainstorm solutions.

    2. Guess Who

    This is the perfect icebreaker at any office party, and a great way to meet new people and get the conversation going.

    3. Truths and Lies

    This game also known as Two Truths, One Lie is an easy, fun and quick way for team members to get to know one another. Invite everyone to sit in a circle facing the center. Instruct everyone to take a minute or two to come up with two truths and one lie about themselves.

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    Activity : Social Activities

    Time: Depends on your choice

    Number of Participants: All

    Tools needed: None

    Running the Activity:

    Break the office routine with some unusual social activity that will require the involvement of every employee. Consider ideas like playing board games, conducting a talent show or setting an alternative dress day.

    Objective: This activity allows people to get more involved with each other and arouse their interest to come to the office every day.

    Activity : Balloon Questions

    Teamwork in 3rd Grade: Cup Stack (With images)

    Tools needed: Balloons, paper, pens, and pencils

    Running the Activity:

    Each participant will be given a balloon and a paper strip. They would write a question on the slip, place it in their balloon, blow it and tie it up. Everyone will do the same and hit their balloons into the air. After a few seconds, everyone will grab one balloon and sit in a circle. In their respective balloons, there would be a question. Each participant will have to pop the balloon and answer the question that is written on their slip.

    Objective: Balloon questions allows teams to learn more about other each other in a fun and interactive way.

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    Online Office Games With Teambuildingcom

    Facilitating team building online has unique challenges, and so you may want help. Our sister company, TeamBuilding, offers virtual team building activities as a service.

    Examples of the available activities include Online Office Games, which is a series of virtual team building games/activities like typing-speed races, spreadsheet pixel-art and print-paper origami, and Murder in Ancient Egypt which is a murder mystery that uses escape the room mechanics to solve puzzles and challenges.

    Learn more: virtual team building by

    Teach Your Team A New Skill

    In response to the recent rise in remote teams, the online team-building event industry has sky-rocketed. Itâs now easier than ever to learn new skills from the comfort of your living room sofa, so why not treat your staff to an exciting workshop that teaches them something new!

    Great for: Skill development, company culture, building relationshipsâDuration: 1-2 hoursâYouâll need: Access to an exciting workshop

    How to teach your team a new skill

    Airbnb host many unique online experiences including cooking classes, cocktail workshops, dance classes, and coffee making masterclasses. Why not select a few and create a poll in Slack for team members to vote for their favourite.â

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    Childhood Photo Guessing Game

    As the name implies, this game involves guessing which employee is in a particular childhood or baby picture. To play this guessing game:

  • Ask the employees to bring their childhood photos. The employees cannot show the images to one another before the game
  • Pass the pictures around to the participants to check and name the employee they believe is in the picture
  • Take note of the participants guesses for each picture. Automatically, an employee gets a point for their personal photo and a point for every correct guess.
  • The player with the highest points wins.
  • This game functions as an excellent icebreaker for office teams. Also, if you intend to award a gift to the winner, then a mini picture frame will be a great idea.

    Check out more get to know you games.

    What Fun Team Building Games Can You Play Without Materials

    Team Building Activity At Work [THE MARSHMALLOW CHALLENGE]

    Need to throw together a quick and easy team building game? Here are some games that you can play without materials:

    • Two Truths and One Lie
    • Pitch Me Your Business

    These games are simple to put together and do not require a huge amount of commitment to host. Using a laptop and video conferencing service, all these games can also be played remotely with your team.

    Press “

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    The Ultimate List Of Team Building Activities For Work In Any Environment

    Itâs hard to team build when your team could be on-site, remote, or hybrid. Here are team building activities for work that adapt to your environment.

    The modern workplace is evolving fast. Nearly 1 in 4 professional jobs can operate as fully remote. Thatâs eight times as many as there were precisely two years and one pandemic ago.

    Even so, many companies â including in the Big Tech sector â are still pushing for a return to the in-person office experience. This has created a complicated web of remote, on-site, and hybrid work teams, all of which need to learn how to work with one another.

    It doesnât matter what kind of team youâre overseeing. If youâre a leader, you need to find ways to bring your group together as an efficient and productive unit. Here is a carefully curated list of the best team building activities for work teams to help you cultivate communication, improve morale, and boot productivity regardless of your environment.

    Best for:Learning more about your team members.

    Work Buddy from Gomada is a quiz-style activity that brings your team closer by starting conversations about

    • what motivates them
    • what their meeting preferences are
    • what their hopes and dreams are

    Especially when you work remotely, it’s tough to find time to chat about these topics. Work Buddy is free to try.

    Bonus: After your first activity, set up the Slack integration that connects your team automatically.

    Ideas As Building Blocks

    Create a fictional problem that must be solved. It could be a theoretical product, a brain teaser, a riddle, a design challenge â anything that needs a solution. Assemble your team, and have them write down an idea on a large sheet of paper. They only need to write a sentence or two.

    Have them pass the paper to the person on their left, and instruct them to use the new idea to build another solution upon. Continue for several rounds, and then see what the results are. You may want to choose a fictional problem that allows you to reveal one aspect of the challenge each round.

    Purpose: This exercise shows the value of everyoneâs ideas. As you work as a team, brainstorming sessions often sway towards the vocal and dominant personalities even though other team members have valuable ideas, too. By forcing these ideas to have equal footing, each team memberâs ability to contribute is established.

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    Critical Thinking With Flex Mami

    Want to learn more about your co-workers, but not sure how to do it virtually? Pencil in some time for a virtual critical thinking session and your team will instantly know more about their co-workers. This hilarious and thought-provoking conversation card game

    If youre stuck for ideas, FlexFactory have some fun games you can purchase and share with your team.

    On a budget? Create your own questions!

    Price: Cards start from $39.99 or free if you DIY.

    A Quiz On A Topic Of Common Interest

    In our latest office contest the InSource team members answered three ...

    Although underrated, a quiz is one of the best icebreaker activities for team building. You just need to play it in the right manner. Heres how:

  • Bring all your employees to a common area and divide them into equal teams.
  • Choose a topic of common interest. For instance, if your team works on mobile development, the latest mobile trends would do.
  • Prepare 15-20 multiple-choice questions around this topic using PrepAI. Its a well-known tool for AI-powered question generation using which you can create hundreds of intuitive MCQs on any topic within minutes. Enter the info, choose the source, and generate the questions.
  • Once you have the quiz, print it on a sheet of paper.
  • Read each question aloud one by one.
  • Ask all the teams to raise their hand if they know the right answer.
  • The team that gives the most number of right answers wins.
  • How Does it Help?

    Based on what it is, a quiz can really help you a lot. For instance, if it includes questions on a particular skill, you can determine the most proficient employees and club them together as and when required. Also, it helps with teamwork as your employees have to work together to find the right answer.

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    Team Communication And Collaboration Activities

    Team work doesnt always come naturally, and effective team collaboration needs attention, reflection and work in order to happen. Its not enough to just assume your group will be able to work together efficiently: all teams can benefit from a strategic and well-thought approach to how they communicate and collaborate.

    Whether youre having a team away day or using methods expressly designed to improve collaboration, youll find inspiration in the activities here!

    These team building exercises are helpful whether youre trying to solve miscommunication or collaboration issues, or just want to strengthen your company culture or communication skills.

    Team building activity

    Remote Storytelling Workshops & Training

    Museum Hack tour guides are world class conveyors of stories and information. Weve honed the craft leading thousands of renegade tours, and refined a framework for telling stories and training these skills. This system includes the Five Elements of a Hack, story shortening and more fun team activities.

    Our guide training is 3+ months, and weve condensed the essentials down to two hours for your team. This training workshop will empower your staff to higher levels of productivity and performance, and is helpful in a wide variety of roles.

    Learn more: Online Storytelling Workshops.

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    Team Building Games For The Office

    For those looking for more intentional activities for their team, these are for you. The emphasis on collaboration, communication, and problem solving is higher for these activities.

    18.Escape Room

    Time and time again, escape rooms have proven to be an excellent team building activity for groups. This puzzle-based game asks groups to work together to discover clues, solve puzzles or riddles, and accomplish tasks in order to reach specific goals, all in a limited amount of time.

    In recent history, escape rooms have become more popular and have several locations. But they can also be done virtually. Virtual escape rooms are no different from in-person escape rooms, except that they are experienced via an online video platform like Zoom. Both virtual and in-person escape rooms have themes suitable for every team dynamic, including prison breaks, treasure hunts, art heists, and more.

    17. Scavenger Hunt

    Whether its an egg hunt for Easter or a mad dash for various supplies around the office, scavenger hunts are a great way to generate energy and excitement around team building.

    Its simple. Provide teams with the same list of objects for the hunt. A team wins by finding everything on that list first.

    19.Murder Mystery


    Transform your team into spies that can crack a code in this crowd-pleasing party game. Codenames is a simple, yet surprisingly challenging way to test and build communication skills between team members.


    Heres an example:

    Word 2: Beach

    This Is Better Than That

    Team Building Activity At Work [EASY AND AWESOME]

    Bring in four objects of the same type . Write up a conversational scenario for each set that outlines what the perfect item would be, in the order of preference. While none of the four objects is an exact match, each have qualities that reflect that perfect list. Read this scenario to your team, and instruct them to order the objects from best fit to worst fit. When all object sets are done, have team members explain why they ordered the objects that way.

    The key to this exercise is to make the scenario complex enough that it isnât immediately obvious which objects are best.

    Purpose: This exercise helps your team break down a scenario or problem and figure out which things are the best fit. This dovetails directly into discussion on current projects or challenges facing the group, in which you can, as a group, write a scenario for an actual project you are working on and decide which solutions are the best fit.

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    Make Video Recaps Of In

    With remote teams especially, its a good idea to provide your team with regular updates about the impact their work is having. This messaging doesnt have to be for direct impact, as long as it is related and true.

    You want to remind your team Oh yeah, this is why I do this as much as possible. Without these reminders, morale can drop and team members can become disillusioned. An easy way to keep morale high is to record videos of any in-person, company-related activities.

    For example, a few of our team members recently hosted a booth at an industry trade show, and our founder, Nick Gray, recorded a three-minute video recap of the experience for the entire team.

    These videos dont have to be long or well-produced. Whether its a trade show recap, a post-call debrief with an important client, or just a Monday morning pep talk, videos are a quick and effective way to keep morale high and demonstrate to your team you want to keep them in the loop.

    Bonus: Here is a great video from Help Scout that demonstrates how video can replace weekly meetings.

    Tea And Coffee Tasting

    When were in the office, its only natural that many office conversations will happen over morning tea and coffee. But what happens when we take away that social element?

    *Cue sobbing*

    Chances are, your workplace is filled with tea and coffee enthusiasts.

    Send out a calendar invite to gauge interest for a tea and coffee tasting. From here, finalise numbers and starting hunting for interesting tea flavours and exotic coffee blends. Round up 5 10 different individually wrapped tea bags and coffee sachets and place them in an envelope.

    Once youve got your coffee and tea kit, address them to those taking part and head off to the post office.

    When it comes time for the tasting, you can talk through the flavours, the background and whether or not its hit or miss. Its a great way to unite the team over their love of tea and coffee!

    Want to go one step further? Include a numbered tasting card with your team to write their thoughts!

    Price: Low

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    Random Acts Of Kindness

    Random Acts of Kindness is a great way of strengthening your team while giving back to the community. Engaging in charitable activities is an effective way of boosting morale and improving company culture.

    Great for: Teamwork, morale, company cultureâDuration: 1 hourâPlayers: 8+âYouâll need: One smartphone per team with the Random Acts of Kindness mobile app installed

    How to play Random Acts of Kindness

    This game challenges teams to complete as many random acts of kindness as they can before the time runs out. The mobile app presents the teams with challenges to complete like helping somebody pack their shopping at the grocery store or helping somebody to carry heavy items.â

    Find The Common Thread

    Online Team Building Bingo

    Before your regular staff meeting, break your team into groups. Instruct the groups to find out one commonality among themselves. It might be a hobby or an interest they all do, or having the same favorite genre of music or favorite food. Once they discover a commonality they can agree on, they create a list of what might be stereotypical qualities of such people.

    Then, the groups come together to announce to the rest of the groups who they are. For example, they might be âRoller Coaster Buffsâ or âJane Austenites.â For the rest of the regular staff meeting , group members must fulfill the stereotypes they listed. The Roller Coaster Buffs, for example, might periodically raise their arms and holler, or the Jane Austenites might rephrase all of their speech to coworkers as quotes from Jane Austen books. At the completion of the meeting , talk about stereotypes that we assign to people. Discuss how they affect how we perceive other peopleâs abilities. Talk about how people managed to find a commonality, and the process it took to dig it up.

    Purpose: The idea is to force your team to confront the foolish nature of stereotypes and how, if people really behaved as we casually write them off to be, the office would be much different. The game also reveals the ability of a seemingly random group of people to find a commonality. Thatâs a skill well worth building.

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