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All businesses can benefit from a good phone system, though not all businesses will benefit from the same type of business phone system. Communicating with your customers and clients in a professional manner is critical. Thats why relying strictly on mobile devices can cause problems. You want to make a great impression on your customers. A greeting from an automated attendant is a great first step it shows that your business is a legitimate operation.

Thats why businesses that dont need a traditional office phone system should consider investing in a virtual phone system. These systems allow businesses to present that professional image while still relying on their mobile devices as their main communication tools. Virtual systems include automated attendants and a host of other valuable features. In addition, when you make outbound calls, your business number, not your mobile number, is displayed to the person you are calling.

For larger businesses, business phone systems not only allow you to present a professional image to your customers, but they also give your employees all of the communication tools they need to do their jobs. Access to mobile apps, which allow your employees to take their business lines with them wherever they go, and video conferencing services ensure that they can connect with anyone, regardless of where they are and how they want to communicate.

Does Anyone Still Use Landline Phones

Yes. People who live in an area with poor or nonexistent cell service often have a landline phone. In fact, landline phones are often the only options in these areas, because poor cell service and lack of high-speed internet go hand in hand, and VoIP isnt an option.

In such an area, the only choice for a phone system is the landline. The only option available in that case is a base with cordless phones.

Xblue X16 Small Business Phone

Key Features:

  • Two-year warranty. A one-year warranty is standard with most phones.
  • A standard, analog phone, expandable to up to 16 phones.
  • Intercom with call announce paging.
  • Includes a standard automated receptionist with voice mail for every user . Also, calls forward to cell and three-way conferencing. One of the top picks because of its low price.

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    Essential Office Phone System Features

    The full functionality of your VoIP device is reliant on the services of your business phone service provider. All VoIP phones should be able to perform basic call management and PBX features like transfer, speakerphone, call recording, mute, and hold, along with plenty of other features that you want in an office phone system.

    Consider Your Budget And The Cost Structure Of The Voip Provider

    VTech AM18447 Main Console 4

    In buying any product or service, cost cannot be ignored. As such, it is one of the key considerations to make when choosing a VoIP provider. You need to not only consider the basic cost of the service but also how it works out in the long term.

    While youll want to ensure that you get as much value for your money as possible, youll also want to strike a balance between cost and quality. After all, quality is remembered long after price is forgotten. Theres no point in choosing a cheaper system if it is unreliable or has poor customer support for when issues inevitably arise.

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    Choosing A Business Phone System

    There are multiple factors to consider when choosing a business phone system. First and foremost, you want to ensure that the system has all the functions and features your business needs. Can it support the number of employees who need the service? Does it have all of the features your business relies on or would benefit from?

    While some businesses want only standard calling features like caller ID and voicemail, others want added functions, like ring groups, an automated attendant and on-hold music. Also consider any other communication tools your business needs. Are you strictly looking for a system that allows you to talk over the phone, or are you in the market for more of a unified communications system that adds functions like video conferencing and instant messaging? Your answer to this question will guide you in your search for a new business phone system.

    Another factor to consider is a business phone systems reliability. A phone system is no use if it isnt up and running when you need it. This is especially important for a cloud-hosted solution. Ask each provider what its annual uptime percentage is. If it isnt 99.999%, find out what the company is doing to correct the issues and increase its reliability. Also ask about its service-level agreements and if the contract has any uptime-related clauses. Many business phone system providers will reimburse customers if the system doesnt meet a certain uptime percentage.

    Vtech Cs6649 Office Phone System

    Last and definitely not the least is the VTech CS6640 Expandable Corded/Cordless Phone System.

    This is a unique and efficient office phone system for small businesses.

    It is capable of supporting up to 5 handsets with only one phone jack.

    Furthermore, it has a digital enhanced cordless technology 6.0 feature.

    This phone system is also equipped with caller ID and call waiting that stores 50 calls.

    The digital answering system can hold up to 14 minutes of calls.

    For your convenience, it also offers handset and base speakerphones.

    Whats great about the VTech CS6640 is its power-conserving mode.

    With cordless phones consuming too much power nowadays, the ECO mode in CSS640 is an ingenious addition.

    But, what about the downside?

    Well, the light on the liquid crystal display may be a little dim, which might make it hard to know whos calling during the day.

    Nevertheless, VTech CS6640 is a decent corded/cordless phone system that stands out simply because of its power-conserving mode.

    This is a simple addition but makes a huge impact.

    With this phone, youll be able to keep the phone running for long during periods of possible power failure.

    Consequently, this can be considered as one of the best office phones for small businesses.

    Final Words on Best Office Phones for Small Business

    When choosing the best office phone, consider the needs of your team.

    Also, ask yourself some relevant questions.

    This should help you make the right choice.

    Do you make lots of conference calls?

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    What Is The Best Phone System For A Small Business

  • List the equipment you already have, such as a landline phone or high-speed internet.
  • Name the tasks you typically do during the workday.
  • Make a list of anything you cant now do, but could do if you had a better office phone.
  • Weigh the cost of the office phone against the cost of not being able to work your best.
  • How Office Phone Systems Impact Your Bottom Line

    Quick Overview of Ooma Office Small Business Phone Systems

    As your business grows, it will eventually get to the point where it outgrows your personal phone lines. You might need to hire more staff or require more advanced features for calling and collaboration.

    Whatever the case may be, upgrading to an office phone system can improve the ease of your business operations and boost your bottom line in the process. There are several ways in which upgrading to a business phone system can do this. Lets take a look at four of them.

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    For Businesses Of Any Size Weve Got The Perfect Business Phone

    Whether you need phones for opening a new office, supporting employees working from home, or its time to update your business phone system, we have done all of the research and tested over 25 small business phone systems to prepare the list of our best Top 5 most recommended business telephone systems.

    Our criteria we believe the best small business phone systems must meet:

  • The manufacturer must be reliable, with a proven history and warranty support.
  • Be the most affordable for a small business to purchase and maintain.
  • Be future proof compatible with standard analog landline telephone service or VoIP cloud phone service.
  • Provides feature to transfer calls to a cell phone, a smartphone app, and supports mobile and home office employees.
  • Must have the essentials: automated attendant call tree menus, voicemail to email, intercom, call forward, transfer, and music on hold.
  • If your businesses has employees who work from home or on-the-road, or if you require a system to interconnect multiple address locations, please complete a quote request on our website or simply give us a call at 1 877-9473 and allow us to build a custom quote proposal including local installation, if you want.

    PLEASE NOTE: Business telephones like these can use landlines with our PBX mini-server OR upgrade to our all-inclusive, 100% managed VoIP digital service.

    Upgrade Your Phone System

    The office phone system you choose ultimately comes down to your business needs and budget.

    Heres a recap of our top recommendations:

    • If collaboration is important to you, you should choose RingCentral.
    • The best business phone system for SMBs is 8×8.
    • For the best integration with CRMs, choose Nextiva.
    • If you want a system with all the bells and whistles, look no further than GoToConnect.
    • Grasshopper offers the best virtual business phone system, in our estimation.
    • And for , CloudTalk should be your go-to.

    This insights and his love for researching SaaS products enables him to provide in-depth, fact-based software reviews to enable software buyers make better decisions.

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    Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Phone Systems For Small Business

    If you’re a small business owner, you know that the right phone system can make all the difference. Whether it’s a simple way to take orders or a complex system that can handle multiple departments, the right phone system can help your business grow and thrive. Browse the top-ranked list of phone systems for small business below along with associated reviews and opinions.

  • Top comment


    See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    This VTech CM18245 DECT 6.0 corded expansion deskset features its own digital answering system with up to 180 shared minutes of messages, announcements and memos. A 50 name-and-number caller ID history makes callback simple.Top comment


    See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    This VTech CM18245 DECT 6.0 corded expansion deskset features its own digital answering system with up to 180 shared minutes of messages, announcements and memos. A 50 name-and-number caller ID history makes callback simple.

  • Poly Vvx 150 Best Two

    10 Best Office VoIP Phone Systems for Small Business in 2021

    The Poly VVX 150 is a great option if all you really need is two lines at most. It delivers crystal clear audio in a sleek design with a durable monochrome LCD display.

    As a starter phone for an up-and-coming business that needs a two-line solution, not only is the Poly a viable option, but its also extremely affordable in comparison to other phones of its same caliber. It makes it easy for you by being compatible with over 60 industry-leading call control platforms.

    One of its best features is its acoustic fence technology. With it, you wont have to worry about being disturbed by surrounding noise, since it keeps your conversations free from distractions and echoes.

    Get the Poly VVX 150 today by contacting Polys sales department.

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    Freeconferencecall: Pay What You Can Small Business Phone System

    Operating on a pay what you can model, FreeConferenceCall can offer a cheap business phone system that suits small groups or companies that need to keep track of every cent.

    But as you would expect with a free service, the features are fairly limited when compared to a more robust phone system.


    Grasshopper starts at $26 per month.¹


    See how Dialpad stacks up against Grasshopper!

    Consider Service Quality And Reliability

    Whatever VoIP service you choose, it must be able to perform up to expectations. If you spend a lot of time communicating with clients or team members, youll want remarkable service and top-notch reliability.

    That being said, understand that quality issues may not be the fault of your VoIP provider but of your broadband connection. It is important to have a good quality high-speed internet connection and sufficient bandwidth to get the most out of your VoIP phone system. This is especially key if you will have a lot of people video-conferencing at the same time. Your provider might be able to advise on this.

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    When It Makes Sense To Invest In A Multi

    Not all businesses need a multi-line system, especially if youre just starting out and still growing your customer base.

    But, if you manage a growing team that is constantly in touch with your customers, youll want to look into a multi-line phone system that can keep your phone lines open for these important interactions.

    Whether youre running a sales team, support center, or anything else where calls come in in droves, a multi-line phone system can be a boon.

    Maybe your reps need dedicated lines so they can always be easily reached.

    Or perhaps you have different business divisions that each need discrete contact numbers for more streamlined communications. Or, maybe its simply a matter of volume and making sure no one who calls your organization is unable to reach a human being.

    In any case, equipping your teams with the ability to field and make as many calls as they need is imperative.

    If reps and agents are drowning in inbound calls or missing connections because callers cant connect directly to a specific person, its time to elevate your telephone capability.

    As your business grows, adopting a multi-line system might be an inevitable part of your journey. In the end, going with a multi-line system could be less a matter of if and more a matter of when youll need it.

    At& t Cl84102 Office Phone System

    Ooma Office Features For Small Business | Ooma

    First on our list of best office phones for small businesses is the AT& T CL84102 Phone System.

    This expandable phone can accommodate up to 12 handsets.

    It is great enough if you handle a small team of professionals who take and make calls constantly.

    The AT& T CL84102 allows conference calls with up to four handsets.

    This corded/cordless phone system features a built-in digital answering machine that can record up to 14 minutes of conversations.

    Furthermore, with 9-number speed dial, call waiting, and a voicemail-waiting indicator, this would be a convenient choice for your small office.

    The Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications 6.0 technology feature of this phone further provides excellent audio quality.

    Whats really great about AT& T CL84102 though, is its handy caller ID feature.

    Youll instantly know whos calling without having to go near the phone.

    This way, you wont miss out on any important calls.

    Similarly, AT& T has a high-contrast liquid crystal display and a large tilt backlit base.

    Hence, making it even easier to know whos calling at a glance.

    The only downside is that this particular phone systems battery may need constant charging.

    It lasts for several hours, but you have to charge it overnight to use the cordless phone.

    Furthermore, the cordless system may not last the whole day.

    Hence, youll have to use the corded phone more often than the cordless one.

    Hence, this is one of the best office phones for small businesses.

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    Dialpad: Truly Unified Communications Platform For Small Businesses With The Most Advanced Built

    Dialpad is an AI-powered cloud-based business communications platform that has a built-in phone system. And it’s designed for small businesses that need an easy-to-use, deploy-from-anywhere phone system.

    Further reading:

    See how Coye law firm, a small firm of about 20 staff, uses Dialpad’s phone system to work from anywhere . Or learn more about running a virtual law firm.

    Dialpad also comes with a major advantage over other competitors: Its a cloud-native, true UCaaS solution where all your communication channels, maintenance, support, and upgrades are all handled within one company. Its contact center solution? Built in-house. It’s AI? Built in-house. That means never having to wait for external companies to make changes or get technical supportthats all best handled within Dialpads phone system for small businesses.


    • Worldwide customer support: 24/7 live chat support and 24/5 phone support on the Dialpad Pro planaround the world, not just in the US

    • Integrations: Even with the Standard plan, you can integrate Dialpad with Microsoft 365 or , which makes for easier scheduling

    • Portability: Keep all your original numbers when you move to Dialpad.

    • Awesome hold music options :


    Standard plan at $15 USD/mo/user, Pro plan at $25 USD/mo/useror.

    Security features:

    • Admins control access to data

    • Data ownership and reporting

    • Enterprise-level encryption on calls and data stored in the cloud

    Determine Exactly What You Want From Your Voip System

    If you simply replace your old analog phone system with a VoIP system just for the heck of it, you could very well lose many of the advantages of having a VoIP system.

    You need to take some time to determine exactly what your needs are and what you want the system to do for you. Some understanding of what VoIP is and its capabilities comes in handy here.

    Before settling on a service, you should take some time to look at the features and tools it provides. Does it provide all the tools and features you need from your phone system? You should consider what each service has on offer and how it can be incorporated into your business.

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    Zoom One: For Current Zoom Users That Need A Business Phone System

    Zoom One is an all-in-one communication and collaboration tool combining Zoom Phone, Zoom Meetings, team chat messaging, and collaboration tools in one interface. Though a Free Plan is available, it doesnt offer any voice calling features and focuses primarily on video calling.

    Zoom One Phone features include:

    • HD call quality with noise and echo cancellation, plus typing noise suppression
    • Visual Voicemail
    • Unlimited auto attendants and IVR menus

    Top Features

    Most Zoom One users upgrade to the unified communications plan from Zoom Meetings because they need a more advanced business phone system. Therefore, the team collaboration features Zoom offers are generally the biggest draw.

    Zoom One offers unlimited whiteboards, unlimited calling, 10 GB of cloud storage, and meeting capacities of up to 1,000 participants.

    Zoom is also celebrated for its huge number of third party-integrations and APIs.

    Even though Zoom Phone itself is a bit more basic than most options in this piece, the fact that it can integrate with virtually any CRM, project management, marketing, or workforce management tool makes it one of the most customizable communication tools on the market today.

    Network Reliability And Customer Support

    In addition to 256-bit encryption, Zoom offers Single Sign-On, FEDRamp, SOC 2, GDPR, and HIPAA compliance. However, Zoom doesnt offer a guaranteed uptime. However, its global points of presence and live systems monitoring page suggest a high degree of reliability.

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