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How Long Should You Sit

Gaming Chairs vs. Office Chairs *NEVER BUY THESE*

Even if you have the best office chair in the world, it’s unhealthy to remain seated for hours on end. A number of studies have found that sitting for prolonged periods can have negative effects on your body, such as higher rates of heart disease, obesity, and cancer.

To that end, a number of experts recommend you stand up every so often. The Mayo Clinic, for example, suggests that you stand up every 30 minutes , or invest in one of the best standing desks. Either way, get up and stretch your muscles. One strategy is to set a timer some of the best smartwatches, such as the Apple Watch, will also automatically remind you to move if you’ve been sedentary for too long. And be sure to check out our guide to the best exercises if you sit all day.

How We Test The Best Office Chairs

Since no two people are the same, we test the chairs out with a 6-foot male and a 5-foot 4-inch female, and let other office-mates try them out to see if there are any differences when it comes to overall comfort.

We also take note of the chair’s design, its appearance, and how much you can customize it some chairs can be configured with different materials, colors, and rollers, so you can really make it your own.

Lastly, we take into account the overall cost of the chair and how it compares to others in its price range.

Set up your home office:

Dxracer Iron Series Most Comfortable Gaming Chair

The DXRacer Classic Series might not be as good as the Secret Lab Omega, but its the most comfortable gaming model I could find.

Its ergonomic design with a free lumbar cushion recommends it for prolonged gaming sessions. Secondly, the wide seat with a patent race car design is supportive enough to reduce back pain.

Besides, the leather-style vinyl upholstery is soft, breathable, and doesnt let you break a sweat. I also like the extra-high backrest because it supports your whole spine, taking off pressure from your neck and back.

As such, the DXRacer Classic Series gaming model can support you comfortably from your neck to your pelvis, preventing stiffness and joint pain.

The seat and back are both flexible, and you can adjust them to find the best position. The 3D armrests are adjustable on three positions, which means you can adjust them comfortably to prevent shoulder and wrist pain.

I also like how durable and resistant this chair is. The five-point base is stable and manufactured from aluminum, while the gas spring is resistant.

The 3-inch polyurethane wheel casters glide easily on your floor and wont scratch it. Thats why this chair comes with a lifetime warranty for the frame, and two years for its parts.

However, the recommended weight capacity is 250 pounds the recommended height is about 510, and your BMI should be below 30 to fully enjoy this model.


  • Not for heavy or short users

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Final Words What Is The Best Office Chair For Sitting Long Hours

Buying guide summary:

Lets review the main points of the most comfortable chairs on the market.

Aeron is the best overall office chair because its ergonomic, supportive, promotes positive posture, and will last for decades.

Its my top pick if you have the budget, as its a good investment in the future.

Which Office Chair Is Best

Real Living Black Faux Leather Executive Office Chair

There are so many great chairs to choose from, and wed vouch for the reliability of all of the options listed within this article. That said, our top pick is the Hon Ignition 2.0, a reasonably priced mesh option constructed with all-day comfort in mind. Nearly every aspect of the chair is adjustable, making it a great pick for workers of all sizes. Plus, it features a synchro-tilt mechanism and tension control knob.

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Are Mesh Office Chairs Comfortable

Just like any other material, the mesh has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on whether its high-quality or low-quality.

I like the high-quality mesh back because theyre breathable, so you dont get sweaty if youre sitting down hours at a time. Breathability is important for overall comfort level, but also for reducing backaches. Besides, if youre cozy, you can move around freely, which improves blood circulation.

Mesh chairs offer reliable basic support even without additional lumbar support or tons of adjustments.

I also like quality mesh like the Aerons 8Z Pellicle because it feels soft and cozy. On the other hand, the low-quality mesh is rough and scratchy.

Besides, the poor-quality mesh is inelastic, so its less supportive and not particularly durable. But some people dislike even high-quality mesh on their seats because it makes the seats feel too firm instead of cushiony and plush.

As such, you cant sit on a mesh-seat chair in one position for too long. That said, I think chairs with top-grade mesh backs are comfortable, breathable and supportive, though mesh seats are a turn-off for me too.

Is The Herman Miller Embody Chair Worth It

HM is one of the worlds best-known furniture makers, with a vast array of classic and contemporary pieces that have stood the test of time. For the most part, their more expensive seats tend to fly under the radar of most folks. But dont let that put you off when it comes to finding the best ergonomic seating solutions for your office, you really cant go wrong. The main difference between HM and other upholstered workstations is that Herman Millers have a lot more going on than most. Because their namesakes and designs have evolved over decades, the companys chairs have a lot of different iterations and options on top of the basic design that youd expect from a traditional work chair.

So if youre thinking about adding a chair to your desk, chair pad, or even a computer desk, HM should definitely be on your list. When deciding between these and other workstations, we think they all serve the same purpose giving you support and comfort while you work. So which HM workstation is right for you? Read on for more details. Herman Millers Embody Chair is a great choice if you spend most of your day sitting down at your desk. Consumers have heard a lot of hype about both the BDO desktop printer and Herman Millers Embody Chair. But is it really a must-have for your home office?

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What Are The Best Office Chairs

When it comes to the best office chairs, the best chair for most people is the Branch Ergonomic Chair. At around $300, it’s not too expensive, yet has but has adjustable arms, a tilting seat, and a mesh back with lumbar support. You can also get it in a few colors, too.

The best office chair for people on a budget is the Flash Furniture Mid-Back Office Chair. It costs about $120, yet has a style that sets it apart from most other chairs. However, it’s not as adjustable as higher-priced models.

If you feel like splurging, you can’t do better than the classic Herman Miller Aeron. Although this chair has been around for many years, the company has not been resting on its laurels it has constantly redesigned the Aeron to keep up with developments, and this chair is a marvel of material engineering. At more than $1,000, it’s a big investment, but you get what you pay for: It is the most configurable and adaptable â and most comfortable â chair we sat in.

Read on for our picks for the best office chairs. If you see one but it’s out of your price range, check out our best office chair sales and deals page â it might be on there for less.

And after you take a look through our list, you’ll also want to check out the best desks as well as the best desk lamps for outfitting your home office. If you want one of the best standing desks to go with your chair, check out 10 things you need to know before buying a standing desk.

Which Chairs Are Best For Your Back

5 Best Office Chairs We’ve Tested Under $300

Sitting in a comfortable chair allows one to hold the head comfortably over the pelvis without having the muscles do much extra work to bring the head in line over the pelvis, explains Dr. Shah. As such, chairs with built-in adjustable supports for the back and neck would be a good start, as they will work towards alleviating extra muscle work.

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How To Make Desk Chair More Comfortable

If your standing desk chair isnt comfortable enough, but you dont have a bigger budget to invest in a better chair now, read our advice below.

If youve bought a quality chair with all-around positive reviews, but still arent sitting comfortably, read the advice below to make sure youre using it right.

  • Sit correctly: the proper sitting posture is upright with both feet on the ground, chest open, and shoulders back, but not hunching up.
  • Make all the necessary adjustments to your chair: adjust the height, backrest, armrest, and headrest every time you sit down.
  • Get lumbar support: if your chair doesnt provide a lumbar support pillow, you can buy one yourself. This pillow offers more padding to your lower back, fitting your natural spine curvature.
  • Add a footrest: if youre short, have poor circulation, or have chronic leg pain, adding a footrest ensures your legs are properly aligned and supported. A footrest helps correct your posture in the long run.
  • Add armrests: buy some cheap padded Velcro armrests to minimize upper back, shoulder, and neck pain.
  • Buy a reliable chair: if nothing works for you and cant find comfortable adjustments, maybe you should consider buying a better chair that helps with your backaches or muscle stiffness.

Topsky Mesh Best Office Chair Under 200

The Topsky Mesh Computer Office chair is a value for money product. I like that it boasts lumbar support, so you can customize it easily and at the same time avoid back pain.

Another feature I like is its headrest. Including a headrest when designing an office chair is a user-friendly feature, especially as you can adjust this particular headrest in three positions.

The same goes for the armrests, which help you keep your arms tilted at a comfortable angle when youre at your desk. The armrests and headrest minimize joint pain and muscle stiffness.

I couldnt help but notice that other, more expensive office chairs, provide a wider range of adjustments. As it is, the Topsky is functional, but a basic model.

I found Topskys design user-friendly and comfortable. The high-density mesh upholstery is fairly resistant and breathable. As such, it can be used by people up to 330 pounds.

The 145° synchronous mechanism is another plus because you can lean back in this chair. The position lock provides extra stability, but youll find this chair doesnt dynamically shift positions with your movements.

The Topsky sports a hanger on its back, to win some extra UX points, but it only has a 1-year warranty. While the chair might last longer than that, it doesnt compare with the decades long life of Herman Millers Aeron.


  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar support
  • User-friendly
  • Basic options

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How To Choose The Best Office Chair For You

After price, there are two main criteria for choosing an office chair: comfort and adjustability.

ComfortComfort is pretty easy to understand: A comfortable chair should offer a seat that is yielding but that also provides some level of firmness. It should also wick moisture so you don’t get sweaty on warm days. Seats and backs made of mesh tend to fare the best in this regard.

The seat should be wide enough that people of larger stature can sit comfortably on it and not feel like they are squeezing into a kids’ chair.

The armrests should be contoured for the elbow and upper arm to lean comfortably on and be made of fabric or softer material that won’t jar the elbow when you bump into it.

Another critical feature is lumbar support. This piece of an office chair helps you maintain the curve of your lower back, so that you don’t strain yourself by sitting for long periods . Like other parts of an office chair, this should be adjustable so that you can move it up or down, or increase or decrease the amount it pushes out.

AdjustabilityAdjustability is the other major factor. The best office chairs should allow you to tweak pretty much everything, including the following:

  • Seat height
  • Backrest angle
  • Backrest height

Herman Miller Aeron Chair #1 & Best Overall & Most Comfortable Computer Chair

Black Faux Leather Padded Office Chair at Big Lots.

Aeron uses a PostureFit SL design, which means it will follow the natural S-shape of your back, with a prolonged curvature under your buttocks.

This design promotes a positive posture, with your chest open and shoulders back, instead of hunching forward.

Your pelvis will also tilt a bit forward instead of pushing back, which generally causes lower back pain.

I like the adjustable pads for preventing lower back pain.

These pads help keep the base of your spine stable, in an anatomically-correct and comfy position.

Like many users, I also like the materials and craftsmanship used for making the Aeron chair.

The seat and back are made from a breathable material, called 8Z Pellicle suspension.

This material is also quite resistant, creating eight areas of different tension on your back and seat, which are very supportive.

It would have been better if the designers added a headrest too because that would have provided additional support for your neck.

You can get this chair in THREEsizes: small, medium and large.

However, even the largest model is just 20.5-inch tall so it might not be suitable for tall users.

Even though Aeron is an expensive office chair, its a great long-term investment because of it reliability and will last for decades.

It even has a 12-year warranty to prove that it will always have your back.


  • No headrest

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Gm Seating Ergolux Ergonomic Best Executive Genuine Leather

If you fell in love with the Aeron but thought its price point is a bit high, the GM chair is the best affordable alternative, with its dashing good looks.

The genuine calfskin leather used for the upholstery makes this model stylish so you can improve your home office look.

The GM is the comfortable executive office chair that is reliable and functional, with 5-year limited warranty coverage.

Lumbar support promotes a good posture and helps to prevent back pain.

There is a wide array of adjustments you can do to make this office chair feel comfortable for hours at a time.

The GM offers reliable support thanks to its ergo design, which can alleviate back stress. If you adjust the seat height, you can reduce stress on your lower back and knees.

As such, make sure your hips are slightly higher than your knees, and that your thighs are parallel to the floor.

Even the headrest is quite comfortable, especially as you can use an adjustable angle and height.

The 3D arms can be set for different heights, and they pivot to accommodate different postures, which puts a minimum strain on your muscles. However, these armrests are fairly flat and hard, so not incredibly comfy.

The automatic spine support system minimizes back pain, and so does the seat slide because you can adjust the seat depth.

With the tilt tension option, you can adjust the backrest depending on your body weight, to find a comfy position.


  • A wide array of adjustments


Eurotech Ergohuman Mesh High Back / Best Chair With Head Rest

The Eurotech Ergohuman has a suggestive name. This model is specifically designed to provide anatomically-correct support to your back.

As such, there are three back angle adjustments to find the right position for your needs. These positions lock easily, which means youll enjoy reliable stability while youre at your desk.

You can also employ tilt lock technology and the tension control adjustment if you need your chair to move flexibly with your body movements. Tension control means the chair reclines or leans forward depending on how much force youre applying to it.

There are other adjustments you can make to find a natural, ergonomic position. The cushion and headrest can be moved around as you want, to accommodate your height or special needs.

The spine support is contoured and can also be height adjustable. This support makes it comfy to sit in the Ergotech Ergohuman for hours at a time. Besides, you can also do height adjustment with resistant, easy-glide pneumatic cylinders.

Like most top-quality office chairs, the Ergohuman boasts a synchro-tilt mechanism, so the backrest and seat move together when you want to lean back. As such, you can regulate your seat depth easily, to make sure you have a positive posture.

The pivoting armrests are another plus in terms of support and versatility. However, my biggest complaint is that the mesh backrest might not be too resistant, especially when it comes to supporting heavier users.


  • Not recommended for heavy users

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Steelcase Leap Chair With Headrest#2 Most Comfortable Desk Chair

The first thing you notice when you open the product page for the Leap is its wide variety of colors, with about 15 models to choose.

Besides, this is Steelcases flagship model and the most ergonomic model in its product line, thanks to the Patented LiveBack technology.

This design ensures that the Steelcase Leap follows your natural spine curvature and can also adjust to your back when youre moving.

Its ergonomic build is one reason why I think its the most comfy office desk chair on the market. Another reason is its headrest, which can adjust 2.25 inches vertically and adds up to 9 inches to the overall height.

However, this chair might not be great for petite users. One reason is the tall headrest, but the overall product dimensions also suggest that, especially the assembled 52+ inches adjust the height.

Still, the chair can support heavier users, considering that the Leap Plus is a weight capacity tested for 500 pounds. I like the Natural Glide System too, which offers a smooth range of adjustments and Im thinking mainly about the pneumatic seat height.

But I also like the separate controls which adjust lower back firmness and upper back force independently. While I like a firm seat cushion to prevent lower back sciatica pain, some users might find it somewhat uncomfortable.


  • Flexible adjustments to your movements
  • For heavy users
  • 98% recyclable
  • Flat and hard arm pads
  • Not the best for petite users

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