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From students to the C-Suite, Microsoft Office is the gold standard of productivity software. Today, 1.2 billion people across 140 countries and 107 languages use the productivity suite.

Despite so many of us using Office programs in our daily lives, they can be a challenge to master without the right Microsoft Office Suite training.

GoSkills Microsoft Office training online will help you learn the ins and outs of the widely-used software trio Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, as well as the other popular productivity programs Access, Outlook, Project and Publisher.

Data Entry & Microsoft Office Essentials Training Course Combination

Data entry skills are now more valuable than ever and these skills are most important in Office Administration and Support jobs. If youre new to office administration and need skills to be confident then the Office Essentials training course package will give you those data entry skills using each of the Microsoft Office programs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

If you want to change career and include more accounting and bookkeeping tasks in the work you do youll become more valuable as a job candidate or even an independent contractor who can operate their own business working remotely from home!

How To Take Microsoftonline Courses

If you are considering taking college courses online , the following tips and suggestions can help youmeet your unique challenges to get the most value from your online program.

1. Set your goals

Set goals at the beginning of the semester and registerweekly. In a traditional classroom, you will often receive verbal or visualreminders of a tasks next due date.

Its up to you to make sure youve allotted enough time to complete the task. By being organized, proactive, and self-aware, you can make the most of your online class.

2. Manage your time well

The flexibility to create your own schedule is often one ofthe biggest attractions of taking classes online. But that freedom can also bedetrimental if you dont have strong time management skills.

Without them, you may be overcrowded before class or turn inpoor assignments.

3. Create a fixed study space

Establish a dedicated learning environment for studying. Byrepeatedly completing your work there, you will begin to establish a routine.its important to determine what type of environment will work best for you.

Setting up a regular office or workspace will also help youstay organized. When setting up your study space, be sure to:

  • A high-speed internet connection
  • The necessary books, materials, and software for the course.
  • Have headphones for listening to lectures or discussions

4 Treat an online course with the right attitude

Treat your online classes the same way you would a physicalclass.

5. Get rid of distractions

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Microsoft Excel Training Exercise Files

The Microsoft Excel exercise files are carefully created so you get to see exactly how each stage of the process works. Youll be able to replicate the videos to use the powerful Microsoft Excel tools that are used in most offices.

There are dozens of files and they are completely unlocked and available for you to use in the office where you work or even personally to help you manage and organise aspects of your everyday life. There are exercise files to help you calculate mortgage or finance repayments as well as set household budgets. manage a home roster and lots more.

Best Free Microsoft Courses With Certification Online

Microsoft Office Specialist Office 365 Exam &  Certification Online ...

Microsoft Office is a bundle of productivity software. The primary programs it contains are word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation software. It is a set of business applications with the same style of user interface. Microsoft Office is the most popular software in this category, but it is paid.

Following is a handpicked list of Top Microsoft Office Training Courses & Certifications to gather knowledge about this subject. The list contains both open source and commercial courses.

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Module : Sections Slide Master And Default Styles

5.1 Working with sections

5.2 Creating a Slide Master 1

5.3 Creating a Slide Master 2

5.4 Slide Master placeholders

5.5 Slide Master change placeholder shape

5.6 Slide Master change placeholder points

5.7 Changing default style to shapes and text boxes


6.1 How to insert Excel data within PowerPoint

6.2 How to insert Excel chart within PowerPoint

6.3 How to create a chart within PowerPoint

6.4 Animating Excel Charts in PowerPoint

6.5 Adding Elements to Excel Charts in PowerPoint

6.6 Working with Word in PowerPoint

6.7 Word outline in PowerPoint

Goal Seek Using Microsoft Excel

Goal Seek is an advanced topic that helps you input the variables that you know to help you find the information you need. After you master the basics youll be able to use the powerful features to get the decision making information you need from a software program as valuable and widely used as Microsoft Excel.

Learn about Goal Seeking in Microsoft Excel Training Course

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Microsoft Office Training Online

LinkedIn brings to you a series of lectures on the Microsoft Office applications suite. These concise lectures are divided into three difficulty levels namely beginners, intermediate and advanced. Take your pick as per your current level of expertise and learn by doing. Go for your first class, prepare for certification for specializations, get acquainted with the new features and more.

Detailed instructions regarding the setup and installations of the necessary applications are provided.

Tons of exercises to solidify knowledge and clarify doubts.

Get an overview of how to handle the exercises and work on them along with the classes.

Create and organize your documents with tips and advice from the instructor.

Attempt the chapter quizzes at the end of every section to brush up the topics.

The study material and video can be accessed for free for the first thirty days after signing up.

Microsoft Excel Online Training Course Video Tutorials

Microsoft Office Tutorial: Learn Excel, PowerPoint and Word – 9 HOUR MS Office Course

As a student you can watch the online Microsoft Excel training video tutorials as often as you want, print the training workbooks and go through the step-by-step exercises.

The Excel training video tutorials replicate the practical exercises in the workbooks using the exercise files included in the courses. Youll watch a video that explains exactly what you need to do, from beginners skills to advanced skills one step at a time.

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Benefits Of Online Microsoft Certificate Courses

There are many benefits to taking certificate programsonline. Some of those reasons may explain why many people would prefer it toconventional classroom studies. Lets look at some of the benefits

Study at your own pace

The ability to study at your own pace makes onlinecertification an attractive option. One benefit is that you can go as fast asyou can get the job done rather than just on a regular schedule determined byothers.

Study in Comfort

You can set up your learning environment in the comfort ofyour home. Not sitting in class for hours at awkward desks or listening to lecturesfor hours. The online student can choose their favorite chair or chair to learncomfortably

Short Duration Learning

Many certification courses can be completed in as little assix to eight weeks, and you can complete an entire series in just a few months.

Online diploma programs will take longer than certificate programs, but if youre motivated, you can go faster by opting for longer sessions and more workload upfront.

This will help you earn a diploma in as little as one yearto 18 months.

Online work can be completed in the evening or on weekends,and intensive time classes that may require attendance at hands-on trainingsessions can sometimes be scheduled over the holidays.

Online certificate programs are less expensive

Online certificate programs are much less expensive thanobtaining a traditional bachelors or masters degree.

Microsoft Word For Mac Os

This Microsoft Word for Mac OS course has been planned to start from the earliest stage considering the average office. Microsoft Word, alongside Microsoft Excel, is the most mainstream office efficiency application utilized in workplaces.

In this course which is among the Microsoft free online training, you will be taken through each segment of the painstakingly structured schedule with the goal that you are capable in each area of Microsoft Word for Mac OS that you should need to deliver in the average busy office. This course will make you very confident to take on any word processing task.

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Curso Completo De Oratoria

Saber exponer las ideas de forma clara y transmitirlas correctamente puede suponer en muchos casos un ascenso en la carrera o conseguir un nuevo cliente. En ese curso aprenderás la mejor manera de exponer un tema en público, desde grupos pequeños, a grandes audiencias. Conocerás la importancia de la preparación previa, qué se debe tener en cuenta de nuestra apariencia, el lenguaje no verbal, algunos consejos para dominar los nervios y cómo debemos exponer los temas para empatizar con nuestra audiencia. Este curso se incluye gratuitamente con la suscripción al curso de Excel.

Receive Unlimited Tutor Support

Microsoft Office Certification

Our professional tutors at The Career Academy are industry experts who are passionate about helping students succeed. Theyre committed to providing exceptional online course support and personal tutoring to help you succeed. Throughout your course, youll receive unlimited tutor support via phone and email.

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Microsoft 3: Implement Security And Threat Management

Specs:Duration: 3 hours 2 minutes | Fee: 1- Month Free Trial | Certificate: Yes

The Microsoft 365 Implement Security and Threat Management course tests candidates ability to evaluate, plan, migrate, deploy, and manage Microsoft 365 services. This MS office course covers many recommended tools and techniques to ensure that user accounts and access are managed and controlled correctly.

In this course, you will learn how to implement and manage Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection and additional security reports and alerts.

How Online Training Courses Work

Our course includes Microsoft Word knowledge reviews to test your new skills and provide you with the learning resources to review your answers and go over the learning material again if you need to.

Unlike other larger training companies we make all of the training resources available all the time so if you want to review a video you can, if you want to redo a knowledge review test you can .

We decided to make our online Word courses available the way that students want to use them as a resource during their membership period.

With our open access Word courses youll be able to access any part of each of the Microsoft Word courses when ever you please during your membership period.

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Microsoft Powerpoint Intermediate Course

In this course youll learn about slide masters and how you can change them to instantly modify the look and feel formatting of your existing and new presentations.

Large corporations use design templates that are based on slide masters and when they make a change to their corporate branding they use these tools to ensure that all departments use the new designs uniformly in their presentations.

Youll learn about headers and footers , as well as automated features of PowerPoint presentations like the transitions between slides as well as the animated effects you include within a slide .

Youll learn about group elements and moving them together or separating them and youll learn how to insert and manage multimedia files like audio and video within the presentation.

Youll also learn about different ways you can print out your presentation to give your attendees something to take with them. In this final PowerPoint course we include the steps youd take to turn your presentation into an online training course.

Microsoft Excel Training Course Workbooks

Microsoft Office Tutorial for Beginners: Learn Excel, PowerPoint, Word & Outlook 12 HOURS

The Microsoft Excel training course workbooks take you through the learning process one step at a time starting from the basics and building onto more advanced features.

As you progress from Excel Beginners to Advanced Certificate Excel skills the training workbooks re-enforce important Excel features and functions along the way so they stay in your memory.

Youll perform basic tasks on some of the exercise files and then use advanced Excel features to complete similar tasks on those same files in a much faster time and with better results.

Sample our absolute beginners to Microsoft Excel Training Workbook for FREE .

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Microsoft Word Training Course 204 Using Tabs And Aligning Text

Tabs: Tabs are primarily used to provide structured spacing across the page in Word documents. It is ideal where you have a list of information like a price list or a database of names. Tab is a non-printing character that doesnt print, but it makes your text cursor line up at a given marker, that you can see in the ruler.

You should have a solid understanding about paragraph formatting before you attempt this module.

You will learn: There are default tab markers in the ruler and how to use the tab key to make text line up. Youll learn about the difficulties that people have understanding the tab character and how to delete tabs to fix most common problems.

Just like the good ole manual typewriter, you can actually set tabs where you want them so that you dont have to continuously press the tab key to make text line up. It also gives you much more control for when you want to change how the text lines up.

Youll learn about the many different type of tabs that you can set and when to use them . Youll learn how to use the menu bar option to set and change tabs using the tabs dialogue box. This is a great tool if you get stuck and simply want to remove all set tabs.

Microsoft Word 2019 Essentials

This course is one of the Microsoft office online courses with certificate and is open to anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of Microsoft Word 2019 or word 2016. Microsoft Word 2019 Essentials is a fundamental level Word training program that covers the rudiments of Word. It is useful for the individuals who need to learn the basics of MS Word and who are making use of older version of Word.

The word basic should be repeated here since it isnt for the individuals who are now making use of 2013 and 2016, they probably wont receive a lot of advantage in return since the greater part of the things are normal, however if anybody needs to refresh their knowledge they are generally welcome.

To enroll for this course, you have to be familiar with computers, keyboards and mouse, have access to Microsoft Office 2016 or 2019, and preferably go through MS Office 2016 Introduction.

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What Microsoft Office Courses Are Included

You will get access to 9 Microsoft Office Suite courses to enhance your skills.

Microsoft Excel

The Basic and Advanced Excel courses will take you from novice to Excel ninja. Master the essential skills you need to save time, be more productive, and earn a reputation as the office spreadsheet whiz. In the Basic course, you will learn essential functions and formulas, sorting, filtering and creating charts. In the advanced course you will step up your skills to learn VLOOKUP, creating Pivot Tables, and recording simple macros.

Microsoft Word

The Basic and Advanced Word courses will take you from the basics creating, saving, and sharing documents to more advanced tasks, like tracking changes, line spacing, automating a table of contents, and more!

Microsoft PowerPoint

In this course you will learn how to create dazzling presentations sure to impress your peers and superiors. You will learn how to use themes and layouts, add audio visual components to your presentation, add animations, print, reuse and copy slides plus more.

Microsoft Outlook

If you subscribe to the notion that with organization comes empowerment, this course is perfect for you. The lessons equip you with tips and tricks for sending and organizing email, reducing inbox clutter, plus how to manage your calendar, contacts and tasks to maximize efficiency.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Publisher

* Practical Excel Training Case Studies To Reduce Your Mortgage

Microsoft Office Specialist Office 365 Exam &  Certification Online ...

The property market in Australia sometimes runs hot and ordinary people borrow a lot of money to enter and stay in these property markets.

Microsoft Excel is a fantastic tool to help you learn how to save tens of thousands of dollars of your mortgage and reduce your loan by a decade or more. The financial functions in Microsoft Excel enable you to perform a variety of calculations to see the potential future outcomes .

The property loan calculator is one of the case studies that makes Microsoft Excel useful and practical for everyone. Excel can be fun and useful as well as a great tool for businesses.

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Microsoft Word Training Course 202 Font Formatting And Default Settings

Formatting: Text formatting effects individual characters that first need to be selected . Youll learn about changing the font, font size, style, colour, how to make characters bold, italic and underlined and how to make several of these changes at the same time using the mouse via the formatting toolbar and the Font formatting dialog box that is accessed via the menu bar.

Learn about default settings, in particular how to change the default font that is used in mostNormal documents and learn how to use Format Painter to make formatting a breeze.

Page Formatting: Learn about the various page setup options and how to change the default Page Settings for Normal documents.

This section will show you how to make the page print sideways or tall this is called Orientation and how to change your side and top and bottom margins .

Who This Course Is For:

  • Students, Teachers or Researchers
  • Business or Corporate sector employees
  • Engineers & Auditors
  • Any one who wants to Master the Microsoft Office
  • 104,487 Students

I am Usama. I did my graduation from Mehran UET Jamshoro Pakistan. I have 1.5 years of working experience as ‘Site Engineer Mechanical’ in the steel mill sector. I have a very keen interest in software learning & giving my services for software. I planned to make & share the multiple courses for the Udemy’s audience.

I am sure that after enrollment in my courses you will gain the knowledge that you were looking for.

Your satisfaction is my strength & I will continue to create more courses.


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