Massage And Heat Office Chair


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Heated Massage Reclining Leather Office Chair w/Footrest

Die Massagesitzauflage MCN Pro ist mit 2 dreidimensional rotierenden Doppelmassageköpfen ausgestattet und erzielt somit einen 3D-Effekt. Die Massageköpfe bewegen sich nicht nur von oben nach unten, sondern auch von links nach rechts und von hinten nach vorne. Zudem bietet die Auflage Massage in High-Definition und verspricht somit ein noch intensiveres Massageerlebnis.

Wie funktioniert eine Massage im Allgemeinen?

Die Köpfe einer Massagesitzauflage drÃcken sich tief in die Muskulatur, kneten diese durch und sorgen so fÃr Schmerzlinderung.

Wie lange kann ich das MassagegerÃt benutzen?

Generell empfehlen wir: Wenn es schmerzt sollten Sie aufhören. Bitte benutzen Sie das MassagerÃt nicht durchgehend. Je nach Empfinden eignet sich eine Dauer von 15-30 Minuten

Ich habe das GefÃhl, dass die Massage zu stark/schwach wirkt. Woran kann das liegen?

Eine Massage ist immer ein subjektives GefÃhl bzw. ein subjektives Empfinden. Jeder Mensch nimmt die StÃrke einer Massage anders wahr und reagiert unterschiedlich auf diese.

Technische Daten

GröÃe: ca. 118 x 40 x 9 cm

Gewicht: ca. 6,5 kg

Stromversorgung: 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Leistung: 48 Watt

Medisana MCN pro Shiatsu Massagesitzauflage 48W Schwarz
Nr. 29 in MassagestÃhle & Sitzauflagen
Im Angebot von seit 2. Dezember 2016

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Homcom Office Massage Computer Chair

An affordable and stylish HomCom is a high-back chair that comes with lumbar heat and vibrating options.

The chair is comfy youll feel vibrating from your upper thighs to the upper back. With its ergonomic style, its bound to allow full-body support and back relief with a padded seat, armrest, and backrest.

You can easily change it for your old office chair as it has smooth-rolling casters for easy movement. Itll relieve tension from your back and shoulders, improve circulation, and help you relax during your breaks at work.

  • Unpractical power cord

The chair has a lovely design that will fit into any type of office. Use it to relax and soothe tense back since it also somewhat reclines. The power cord will get tangled if you move around too much, but Id suggest you use it during your breaks or when youre focusing on your work.

Bestoffice Gaming Chair With Back Massager

The stylish and affordable PC Gaming Massage Chair by BestOffice is the most reviewed chair weve covered so far with tons of customer insights to explore. Compared to the VON RACER reviewed above, both chairs are similar, but BestOffice provides a wider seat and more flexibility.

Its important to note the chair itself does not have a massage function but is provided in the lumbar cushion. The lumbar pillow comes with a USB cord for charging, so you can relax wire-free while you work or play, a consumer favorite feature. It uses a remote-controlled vibrating setting to reduce fatigue and relax your lower back muscles.

Kick your feet up and take a break using the retractable footrest and adjustable seatback. It can be locked into any position ranging from 90° to 155°. The headrest is also adjustable. It can swivel 360° and be raised or lowered within a range of six inches, great for a chair used by different people.

Key Specifications:

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Longevity Of The Product

Customers who place a high value on durability will gravitate toward products with a high level of durability. In the long run, the excellent guarantee may save clients money on repairs and maintenance.

We usually update the Best Massage And Heat Office Chair as soon as new information is available. For the most current information, visit our websites regularly.

Would you please not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or problems with Best Massage And Heat Office Chair? If you ask, we’ll do everything we can to help!

Are Massage Chairs Actually Helpful

Massage Office Chair w/ Heating Function Reclining Back Adjustable ...

Nobody likes sitting on a massage table. No matter how good the massage therapist is, how good the music is blasting or how often the room is cleaned, sitting on a massage table is always a drag. Why? Well, because there is a certain stigma associated with sitting on a massage table. Sure, people love the sensation of a massage, but it always feels like they are being watched, either by the people or the images of the product theyre putting on their bodies.

Your friends are probably wondering why youre on a massage table in a public place and, quite frankly, you want to be as far away from the massage table as possible. So, is it that bad sitting on a massage table? Cant you enjoy the experience of a massage sitting down instead of lying down?

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Gtracing Gaming Chair With Footrest For Big And Tall

Designed especially for gamers, this is a well-built and solid massage chair that will allow comfort for hours on end. With ergonomic design, thick padded seat and back area, strong metal frame, this chair takes the idea of comfort to a whole new level. Both the armrest and seat are adjustable the chair rocks, reclines, swivels, and casters allow you to move from side to side of your desk with ease.

This is a sturdy model that will need a bit of breaking in before it becomes adjusted to your size and comfy to use. Get a seat cushion for a while you wait for the best effects.

Apart from that, this chair has solid lumbar support for those who deal with painful back on a regular basis. Youll be able to do some long gaming hours in this chair you can also use it to watch TV or surf the internet.

Home Office Computer Desk Massage Chair

This product was recommended by Liz Brown from Sleeping Lucid

The Home Office Computer Desk Massage Chair by HOMCOM comes with heating and massage options for ones legs and upper and lower back. It also comes with adjustable seat height and position which makes it the best office chair for techies and entrepreneurs.

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Homcom High Back Adjustable Heated Executive Massage Chair

Best Overall Runner-Up

This HomComs Massage Chair holds up as a great office chair on its own, without the massage feature. It has a weight capacity of 265 pounds. The assembly of the two parts can be done within 10 minutes.

The massage features step up this chair from regular office chairs with its six vibrating massage options. The heating can be used independently or can be combined with the massaging. The chair comforts your aching back by targeting the heat and vibration on the two points of the lower back.

The chair massages your back upper and lower and the thighs, and with the timer function, you can set up massage sessions for every 15, 30, or 60 minutes.

The chair swivels, and the backrest can recline up to 135 degrees. A small button needs to be pressed for the chair to recline.

HOMCOM High Back Adjustable Heated Executive Massage Chair is Suitable for:

If you spend long hours working in your office chair and would like the support of a high back and the comfort of a massage chair, then this chair is a great option for you.

Can You Use A Massage Chair As A Regular Chair

X-Chair X-HMT: World’s First Heat and Massage Office Chair Available Now From

Massage chairs are a huge part of the ergonomic world. Instead of relying on vibration, they create electrical stimulation that can provide a variety of benefits for the body. No matter what chair you try, you will feel the massaging force from the chair. But how does it compare to a regular chair? Is it really any more comfortable? Thankfully, there are some positives and negatives when comparing the two.

Disadvantages of Massaging Chairs. Not the Most Comfortable. I should have mentioned this in the first part of this post, but most massaging chairs with memory foam are bulky. Massaging chairs often come with footrests, which act as a sort of cushion for your feet. When you get up out of a massage chair.

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Healgen Reclining Gaming Massaging Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: An executive vibrating massage office chair with a footrest that features a USB-powered removable massaging lumbar pillow, ergonomic padded armrests, and a low profile all-black upholstery that blends in for office settings.


  • Smaller reclining range of 90 to 155 degrees

This variant of the Healgen gaming chair is another great pick for people who want a chair that looks more like an executive chair and less like they spend all day playing video games. The more understated look of this chair with its all-black upholstery makes it a sleek and low-profile option for a home office or a professional setting. Because of this, we think this Healgen chair is a great executive vibrating massage office chair with a footrest.

We like that the total chair height can be adjusted from 45 to 48.6 inches and that you can recline the chair from 90 to 155 degrees. While thats not the largest reclining range weve showcased, its still commendable. Other common features youll find are the USB-powered removable lumbar massaging pillow, a retractable footrest, padded fixed ergonomic armrests, and the five casters in the base.

Trust Buy Direct Online For Your Office Furniture Needs

As Australias largest online office furniture store, we not sell office massage chairs we can provide you with all the furniture you need to fully kit out an office space. Whatever your needs, whatever your budget, you will find what youre looking for on our online store. If you cant find what you need for your office, just reach out to us. Call us today on 1300 313 495 to discuss any products, needs or queries be sure to ask us about our discounts on bulk orders for your office too!

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Bestmassage High Back Ergonomic Massage Office Chair

Best Budget Runner-Up

The BestMassage High Back Ergonomic Massage Chair comes with a BIFMA-certified heavy-duty metal base, providing mobility and stability up to 250 lbs, with a 360 degrees range of motion.

The chair has two massage modes, vibration, and kneading. The two modes target the lower region of the back, upper back, and the buttocks.

BestMassage has equipped the chair with an attached remote control, which comes with a heating button and a fixed point button, the latter turns the massaging on in fifteen-minute increments.

BestMassage High Back Ergonomic Massage Office Chair is Suitable for:

If you are looking for long comfortable hours when working, then this massage chair with thick padding and less recline is a great option.

Features To Consider When Choosing A Massage Office Chair

Office Chair With Heat And Massage

Therere some features you need to keep in mind before pulling the trigger. So, if you are wondering what model is really the best, its all based on your requirements and wants. If your pocket is deep enough, however, you could surely get a massage office chair that features all the advanced features at once.

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The Value Of The Product

It will be requested whether a family member or the product’s certificate is required before purchasing. Look for the company’s set criteria and contact information on the internet as a starting point. Various information sources can help care providers extend their options and make better decisions.

Medisana Mcn Pro Shiatsu Massageauflage Massagesitzauflage Mit Vibration Abschaltautomatik Verstellbare Nackenmassage 3 Intensitten Wrmefunktion Fr Rcken Und Nacken


  • Kostenfreie Retouren sind fÃr die von Ihnen gewÃhlte Lieferadresse möglich. Sie können den Artikel aus jedem Grund in neuem und unbenutztem Zustand zurÃcksenden: keine Versandkosten.
  • Gehen Sie zu Ihren Bestellungen und starten Sie die RÃckgabe.
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    • Kostenfreie Retouren sind fÃr die von Ihnen gewÃhlte Lieferadresse möglich. Sie können den Artikel aus jedem Grund in neuem und unbenutztem Zustand zurÃcksenden: keine Versandkosten.
  • Gehen Sie zu Ihren Bestellungen und starten Sie die RÃckgabe.
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  • Vergleichbares Produkt

    ArtikelmaÃe L x B x H 19.3 x 86.7 x 47.1 cm
    Modellname Medisana Mcn Housse De SiÃge Massage Shiatsu Avec 3 Fonction La Nuque Réglable 1

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    The Most Important Features To Consider

  • Massage FunctionsObviously, if youre shopping for a massaging office chair, you want to ensure that it offers enough modes and controls to make this particular feature relevant for you. Common massaging chair modes include rolling, tapping, shiatsu, and a combination of kneading and tapping. Consider which of those features are most important to you and prioritize those as you shop for a chair.
  • Ease of UseNo one wants a massage chair with a complicated controller or that is impossible to easily use. A chair that features a remote control is the most ideal option because you can make adjustments as youre using it. But also consider how easily you can use the buttons or whether or not you have to struggle to replace the batteries. For simple, manual chairs, check out the Dowinx gaming chairs and the DXRacer gaming chairs.
  • AdjustabilityEven though massaging functionality may be the most important feature, youll still want to make sure that you can easily adjust the height or angle of your chair as needed much like you would with standard desk chairs. Most importantly, be sure that you can adjust your chair height so that your feet are flat on the floor and your arms are even with your desks surface. For adjustable chairs, check out our list of the best reclining gaming chairs and the finest reclining office chairs.
  • Minimal Assembly And Innumerable Configurations

    X-Chair Elemax Cooling, Heat & Massage Unit Available From

    First, people will need to assemble the chair before enjoying the heated massage. Fortunately, the setup is markedly less extensive than a standard IKEA project and you could probably make do without the instructions. To complete the task, youll need to pair the chair back and seat, attach the armrests, connect the wheelbase with the lift cylinder and youre set. All-in-all, the process will take approximately 20 minutes.

    Once everything is structurally in order, youll want to fine-tune the overall arrangement. Many office chairs provide the most basic adjustments namely the option to raise or lower the seat. The X-Chair on the other hand offers a wide range of custom configurations.


    The chair back itself can be raised or lowered as needed to ensure the lumbar support function hits its target. The armrests adjust up and down, extend front-to-back, and also rotate a few degrees. The seat slides forward or backward and the optional headrest tilts as needed.

    A knob on the side of the chair controls the recline tension enabling greater control over the resistance when rocking or utilizing the SciFloat Infinite Recline and its also possible to lock the recline in place as desired. The ability to switch from a locked position during more hands-on tasks to an unlocked recline while reading documents was particularly useful during the workday.

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    What To Look For When Buying A Heated Massage Office Chair

    Before buying a heated office chair, you would want to consider the below-mentioned factors and find the best chair suitable for you.

    1. Ergonomic Design

    If you work sitting at your desk for long periods of time, having an ergonomic chair is a must. Your body should be supported enough while sitting at your desk, and your feet should lay flat on the floor while you get lumbar support, to prevent lower back issues.

    Make sure to choose office chairs that specialize in providing a pressure-relieving experience. Its not just the padding quality but also their placement that matters, as it improves your overall posture and comfort.

    Adjustable seat height is a plus, as you can use the office chair with desks of any height. This is especially important if you work on a computer, and ideally, you should be able to look at your monitor while keeping your neck straight.

    2. Price

    You get the features of the recliners as well as the full body massage chairs for the price of an office chair. The price usually ranges between $80 and $300 and varies with the varying build quality, material, and supported features. Set a budget thats reasonable for you.

    The cheapest of the models lack or have limited ergonomic features, with few adjustments, and also, the vibrations targeting a very limited area, usually the lumbar area. If you need advanced features with customizable massage programs, heating, and full back massages, you should consider increasing your budget.

    3. Material

    4. Reclining

    How To Choose A Massage Chair Pad

    When shopping for a massage chair pad, a person may wish to consider the following:

    • Portability: Size and flexibility may be important features for some people, especially if they will store the chair pad when it is not in use.
    • Placement of rollers: Manufacturers of most high quality pads place rollers or kneading implements along the length of the product, from the neck to the lower back.
    • Heating capabilities: Some individuals may prefer a massage chair pad that warms their muscles as heat therapy.

    It is important to note that further research into the efficacy of at-home massage devices is necessary. A person may wish to consult a doctor before purchasing a massage chair pad, particularly if they intend to use it to help with a health condition.

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    Main Types Of Massage Office Chairs

    Getting the right massage chair for your office is important. There are different chairs for office to choose from, so lets have a look at the main types to give you an idea of what you can expect.

    Massaging Office Chair With Heat

    The models with heat allow the same types of massage as others, with the addition of heat function for additional benefits.

    This feature is an advantage as it further helps to allow relief, soothe painful and tired muscles, and improve circulation.


    These chairs target specific pressure points, especially around the neck, the waist, and the back area. In other words, these chairs offer Shiatsu massage, relaxing treatment, and as well as effective lower back pain relief.

    Massage Office Chairs With Footrest

    Whether you spend a lot of time running around the office or sitting down, having a chair with a footrest can be very soothing and beneficial.

    It helps you relax your feet and increase circulation. In some chairs, footrests come with massage options, but not all.

    Executive Massage Office Chairs

    The most superior and professional line of massage chairs, the executive models, are usually equipped with high-quality materials and massage options. They usually come with wheels and are very adjustable in terms of massage options and backrests.

    8-Point Massage Chairs for Office

    Gaming Massage Chair

    Vibrating Massage Chair

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