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Best For Gaming: Greenforest Corner Desk

Excellent Computer Desk! Unboxing, Review & Assembly: “L Shaped Office Desk, Home Corner Desk…”

If you’re looking for a great l-shaped desk specifically for gaming, look no further than the GreenForest Corner Desk. Built for small rooms, this simple, contemporary-style desk is made up of three pieces, and you can easily switch the long and short sides to best suit your space. It’s also extremely sturdy and won’t shake or move, safely securing up to two monitors, your computer, and other gaming equipment. The foot cups are also adjustable to keep its legs in the same height. Even more, this L-shaped, metal desk is made of an eco-friendly board that’s scratch- and water-resistantmaking it easy to clean and maintain the desk. The short side measures 25.2 inches long while the long side measures 39 inches.

L Shape Office Tables

Eliza is a creative interior designer who swears by the power of sleek interiors and quality furniture to transform daily personal and professional life. With a B.Sc. in interior design from Philadelphia University and a well trained eye for craftsmanship, she offers unparalleled advice on how to arrange your space to make it sophisticated, comfortable, and functional, whether its the office or bedroom.

Whether youre working from home or back in the office, an L shape office table will be an indispensable help to you. An L shape table design will allow you to organize all of your belongings and keep up-to-date with everything. Even better, the L shape will slot in a corner, making the table space-saving, too. Weve picked out a few office tables in an L shape design below and reviewed them so you know exactly what you can expect.

Best Overall: Bush Furniture Cabot Desk

Nothing says executive more than this luxurious L-shaped desk from Bush Furniture. You can choose from sophisticated finishes including espresso oak and harvest cherry. Installation can be difficult, but worth it for the beautiful end result. The desk includes storage trays as well as several cabinets, including one with a fluted glass door. A small but useful addition, the 4-port USB hub also allows you to keep your cable wires organized. The desk has 60 inches of space on both sides so that youll have ample room to do your work.

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How To Choose A Modern Desk For The Home Office

Fuel your creativity and motivate productivity with a modern desk that fits your home office needs. Coordinate with your existing contemporary office furniture such as your , bookcases, shelves, and filing cabinets to create the ideal home office or to dress up any other space in your house. Explore for inspiration on your work-from-home setup. Stylish contemporary desks look great outside of the office too. For example, use one as to give your preteen a convenient homework station.

Best Modern: Tribesigns Modern L

Garson Home Office L Shaped Desk from Coaster (801011L

The Tribesigns Modern L-shaped desk comes with a swivel that allows you to make it straight, in case youd like more horizontal space. You can choose between a contemporary white or black selection. Its rotational feature makes it versatile since you can use it for work, meetings, and even exhibitions by moving it into different configurations. Measuring 55.12 inches in length on both sides, the particle wood desk comes with ample surface whether youre layering papers on it or browsing on your computer. The sturdy steel frame support has an impressive 900-pound weight capacity, so youll be able to keep printers and other heavy electronics at your workstation without worrying about the table collapsing. The desk also comes with a two-tiered storage shelf at the bottom of one side to store your files, belongings, and office supplies.

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Choosing The Right Desk Materials

To give your home desk a classic look, opt for rich wood finishes like cherry, walnut and wood with a medium to dark finish to give your workstation that classic academic look. Black or white painted wood offers a modern office desk option that brings a crisp and stylish look to your workspace. For a unique modern desk style, replace your original drawer handles with and opt for wood frames with floating tempered . Glass atop metal frames provides a contemporary industrial office look, with sharp and urban angles. Metal framing paired with a wood top adds interesting texture and a distinct modern office character to the space.

If You Like To Regularly Switch Things Up In Your Office Buy A Reversible Desk

Whether you find it refreshing to change around your home- office furniture or youre consistently dealing with coworkers who want to reorient their space, a reversible L-shaped desk is a perfect way to adjust. Many models are customizable in various ways, including reversibility. Essentially, youll be able to choose whether you want the shorter extension on your right or left side, and you can switch it up whenever you like. This is an excellent option for folks who havent settled on their spaces overall design, frequent movers who need something adaptable, and those who feel inspired by a little furniture rearrangement now and again.

If youre looking for even more customization, search for a model that features removable parts with supportive legs so you can go from a classic, rectangular desk to an elongated double desk to an L-shape in a matter of minutes. Maximum customization leads to maximum comfort and adaptability. These desks let you try every option imaginable until you stumble on the optimal arrangement for maximum productivity and comfort.

This reversible L-shaped desk has three independent parts, resulting in either two separate desks or one L-shaped desk with an extension on either side. Plus, it comes with a moveable shelf and CPU stand. This doubles as an L-shaped gaming desk, great for three-part or curved gaming monitors or couples who seek to unite their workstations.

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What’s The Smallest L

The smallest L-shaped desk available on the market measures in at approximately 60 x 60, with custom-made pieces potentially even smaller. To measure the length of an L-shaped desk, measurement is from corner to corner.

These L-shaped desks consist of two small surfaces attached perpendicular to each other and allow for a chair in their center facing one or the other surface. Considered compact desks because of their size, L-shaped desks can differ in depth, creating a larger or smaller workspace on either the right or left side depending on set-up. For example, one may have a depth of 18 while another will have a 29 deep surface to work on.

These modern L-shaped office desks can also come with two even-sized surfaces or be designed with one side slightly longer than the other. One side can serve as your primary workstation, and the other to hold your supplies or reference materials.

Features To Consider When Shopping For The Best L

Ulikit L-Shaped Office Desk Review & Assembly

The best L-shaped desk will elevate your home office and keep you feeling productive and comfortable throughout your workday. Of course, there are a few things to consider before purchasing, like the size, storage options, and style of each desk. Read on to learn more about what we consider before shopping for a tremendous corner desk.

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Best With Storage: Monarch Specialties Corner Desk

Storage in Monarch Specialties sleek corner desk doesnt just refer to cabinets where you stuff your belongings haphazardly. The wood veneer desk flaunts a smart design and has a layout that allows you to organize your space efficiently. It includes two medium storage drawers as well as one large file drawer. The other side of the desk is hollow, consisting of two long shelves parallel to the chair location and three shorter shelves facing you. With plenty of space to organize your belongings, youll be able to arrange your work items to your liking.

Besides its functionality, this L-shaped corner desk has a sleek, modern design that’s sure to complement your office. The sides measure 47.25 and 60 inches, which gives a reasonable amount of space to work with. You can choose between a white or dark taupe finish. Both versions have clean-looking silver legs and handles.

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What About Desks With Workstation Storage

For many of us, the best home office furniture comes down to storage. We are continually looking for new ways to organize not just our work materials but home goods too, which means searching for each and every way to add a drawer here or a shelf there. Many corner desks offer additional storage in the form of shelves, stands, drawers, and, best of all, hutches, making for a totally ergonomic workstation.

A hutch is, essentially, an upward extension on the wall side of the desk. It can range in height but usually includes a variety of extended shelves or cabinets. They can act as additional bookcases, lava lamp displays, show framed photos, store extra office supplies, and more. If your desk hutch comes with a cabinet, might we recommend a mini pantry stocked with your favorite brain-boosting snacks, like our favorite, gummy worms.

Best desk with hutch: Bush Furniture Cabot Desk


If extra storage is your thing, this L-shaped desk with hutch is right for you. With three cabinets, multiple cubbies, a file drawer, and additional shelving, you wont be running out of space any time soon. As an extra perk, there is also a built-in USB charging hub. This desk measures 59 x 59 x 66 inches with storage from top to bottom.

Types Of Desks For Home Offices

65"  Contemporary L

Corner or L-Shaped Desks: Easily customizable, this style works well in just about any space, but especially in large rooms. The economical shape of modern L-shaped desks use the surface area to create either one expansive workspace or cozy dual spaces side-by-side. In some cases, they can also function as a standing office desk.

Leaning Desks: Even more economically designed than the L-shaped, small versions of this home office desk are made for apartments and small rooms, while bigger styles function as minimalist, contemporary media consoles in living rooms and bedrooms. The extra shelving can go beyond office suppliesdisplay inspiring botanicals and florals in vases, books, magazines and other collectibles. A white leaning desk offers a bright approach that complements a minimalist aesthetic, while dark brown delivers a more traditional feel. Lean it against a plain wall or situate it near a couple of to bring it to life.

Secretary Desks: Similar in design to a , this computer desk with drawers and shelves nestles up nicely against an entryway wall and seamlessly blends with other typical entryway furniture and . Featuring front panels that drop down into tabletops, these home desks’ crisp lines and space-saving form add elegance and personality to any space. Look for an option with extra shelving for added organization and display.

Best Large: Sauder Harbor View Corner Computer Desk

This handsome L-shaped desk from Sauder is on the pricier side, but its features and sturdy build makes it a worthy investment piece for your office. With two sides that are each a comfortable 66 inches long, you’ll have plenty of space for work. The desk surface is coated with melamine, which is heat-, stain-, and scratch-resistant. It has three pull-out cabinets, one slide-out keyboard tray, and one large shelf. Youll also find a grommet hole to keep your device cables organized. Made from engineered wood, it has an antiqued paint finish with American Cherry accents. Reviewers love the quality of the desk and say that it is easy, if a bit time consuming, to assemble.

Best Value: Ameriwood Home Dakota Desk

Ameriwoods Home Dakota L-shaped desk offers great value with its spaciousness and storage capacity. This product, made from particle board, measures 51 inches on both sides, so youll have enough space to set up your computer and do your work. It also comes with a two-tiered shelf, allowing you to organize books, mementos, and other belongings. Plus, there are two desk grommets to keep your workspace free from tangled wires. For a bit more money, you can buy a version with a hutch on top of the desk for even more storage and display area. Colors include white, dove gray, rustic oak, and black oak.

Check out our guide to the best home office desks you can buy today.

If Your Home Office Lacks In Space Choose A Small L

At first glance, an L-shaped desk can appear to add more bulk rather than cut it down. But this type of desk actually saves you space in the long run. With only one table-top surface, a classic desk relies on uninterrupted length to give you room to work. That means your desk needs enough continuous wall space to rest against, often eliminating room for other furniture. If you use multiple monitors to get the job done or need ample work space to take notesthe additional desk space of an L-shaped option can make a drastic difference. The beauty of a small L-shaped desk is its ability to sit comfortably in the corner of a room, unlike almost any other piece of furniture. So unless youre getting something custom-built, a corner desk might just be the best way to maximize space and upgrade your office.

If you work in a smaller room, make sure to map out the right measurements and search for home office desks you know will fit. You can also look for an L-shaped desk that includes additional storage, such as drawers or a hutch. Not only will you make use of a tricky corner area, but youll also gain extra shelving to store additional objects like books, document folders, printers, and more.

If Interior Design And Overall Aesthetics Are A Priority Go For A Modern Desk

Office Depot Magellan L shape Desk Assembly Turtorial

While L-shaped desks are ergonomically designed, space-saving, and productivity-enhancing, not all are sleek or modern. If youre looking for an expressive desk that matches your contemporary aesthetic, pay particular attention to the material and finish of your corner desk.

For a simple, sleek look, go for a style with a glass top with metal framing. This minimalistic, almost industrial vibe looks great with various other home-office furniture and has enough personality without being overpowering. If youre hoping to inject a little more flair into your workspace, look for a desk with flashes of color and shine. Were thinking of gold legs, painted drawers, or a marble finish. Dont be afraid of getting specific with your search think about the kind of surface you want to sit down at every day, and dont worry about being picky. The right modern L-shaped desk for you is out there.

A glass-top desk with a metal frame is a great way to elevate your space. This modern L-shaped desk will complement existing decor while providing a fantastic workspace. There is open storage underneath for additional documents, laptops, notebooks, and more. The main section can support up to 150 pounds, the extension up to 75 pounds. In total, this modern marvel measures 60 x 60 x 30 inches.

Maximize The Surface Area Of Your Work Station

We are committed to researching, testing, and recommending the best products. We may receive commissions from purchases made after visiting links within our content. Learn more about our review process.

An L-shaped desk is a novel piece of office furniture that might seem unconventional at first, but will actually improve your workspace for the better. As its name suggests, it comes with two sides that are perpendicular to each other and usually the same size. L-shaped desks offer extra surface area while keeping all of your paperwork and belongings within arms reach. They save space, since most can be put into a corner, and they also make for excellent meeting desks since you can share space efficiently.

When looking for an L-shaped desk, there are a number of factors to consider including size, material, and storage features. Many L-shaped desks are made from engineered wood or particle board and glass, which are much more affordablethough less sturdythan hardwood. You may also want to consider storage features, as many of these desks come with useful cabinets and shelves.

Read on for our list of the best L-shaped desks for your office.

What Are The Best Materials For A Modern L Shaped Office Desk

When it comes to choosing the best materials for office furniture, wood has been a timeless and popular choice due to its durability, versatility, and functionality. Hardwoods such as cherry, walnut, mahogany, and oak have been office material staples since the beginning of time.

However, the high quality of wood also comes with equally high costs. In order to minimize or cut down on these costs, hardwood veneers have since been manufactured and come with a lower-priced tag. Also, while they do not take heavy usage as well as solid options, it’s a worthy and budget-friendly replacement.

Depending on your personal preference, you may prefer glass office desks to wood. While they are more resistant to chips and scratches than wood, they may also tend to be less sturdy and more fragile in some instances.

Metal office desks are becoming increasingly popular due to their increased versatility. They are robust and will make your office look more like an art gallery. However, our take on the best office material for a modern L-shaped desk is still wood as it is timeless but functional and long-lasting.


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