How To Disassemble Office Chair


Things To Consider Before Dismantling Your Office Chair

How To Disassemble Office Chairs

Before you disassemble your office chair, ponder on these first. His will save you from unnecessary work and from incurring damages to your chair

  • Remember how the chair arrived
  • Your office chair arrived bare naked right? So what will help is to dismantle it in the opposite order of the assembly. You can also refer to the instruction manual. But instead of starting with step 1, begin with the last step and go up.

    This is perfect for chairs that are designed and connected in a rather different way.

  • But what is if it arrived fully assembled?
  • Take a really good look at the chair and inspect it thoroughly. Figure out what parts can or cannot be removed without causing damage to the chair. The good news is, some brands will toss in the dismantling procedure. So that will easily solve your problem.

  • Minimal disassembly
  • Try to remove as minimal parts as possible. Not only will this save you time, but it will also prevent any damage to the office chair. Its also a good idea to call your manufacturer and ask them what parts you can remove.

  • Do not remove any internal parts
  • Rule of thumb, never remove any parts that are inside the mechanism. Doing so can result in damage or malfunction of the mechanism

  • Use the right set of tools
  • Dont make alternatives unless its mentioned . Though some wrenches may also work, a pipe wrench is best recommended for removing the gas cylinder.

  • Replacement of the cylinder
  • Disassemble Office Chairs Tips

    • Remember how the chair initially looks prior to dismantling it before doing how to disassemble office chairs.
    • You can save time assuming you just eliminate the parts of your chair that should be taken out.
    • Its best that you dont disassemble parts that are inside the office ergonomic chair.
    • Put every one of the little parts securely in a fixed pack and keep it secure.
    • Secure the floor where you disassemble the chair.
    • Utilize old cardboard, a plastic cover, or a cover to secure your surfaces.

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    How To Disassemble Office Chair

    Do you have an office chair thats seen better days? Do the arms wobble, the screws are loose, or the fabric is stained and worn? If so, it might be time to disassemble the office chair and give it a good cleaning or even a full rebuild.

    There are many different types of office chairs, so the process of disassembly will vary depending on your chairs design.

    Whatever the reason, we have brought you the 5 steps on how to disassemble an office chair.

    1. Remove the Headrest

    4. Remove the Cylinder

    5. Disassemble the Casters/ Wheels.

    If you have the experience to disassemble office chairs, then you must know that it is more into the steps. If you are disassembling the office chair for the first time, then you must have in-depth knowledge of the procedure.

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    How To Disassemble An Office Chair In 5 Steps

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    Disassembling your office chair can be a daunting task. You probably thought you would never have to, but here you are! Sometimes it needs to be disassembled to replace a piece, oil the squeaky parts, or maybe you are moving it elsewhere.

    Whatever the reason is, dont worry because it is possible, and this is a complete guide on how to do it.

    Can Office Chairs Be Disassembled

    How To Disassemble An Office Chair in 4 Easy Steps

    The answer is definitely yes.

    Most office chairs permit you to segregate them at whatever point the need emerges.

    Nonetheless, you will be unable to eliminate specific parts in some office chairs because of their attachment to the frame.

    For finding how to disassemble office chair, there are a few aspects to consider. You know, a few chairs come in many pieces.

    Furthermore, this indicates you could dismantle it withinside the opposite assembly order as well.

    So, obviously, collecting any answer for how to disassemble an office chair that has not hard.

    In any case, in the event that you actually dont have any desire to see office chair breakdown without anyone else, many stores offer furniture get together help.

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    Tips And Tricks For Disassemble Office Chairs

    These are some tips and tricks to help you disassemble an office chair. These tips will ensure that you can disassemble your office chair without damaging any of its parts.

    • Place any small pieces you take into a bag and keep it together with your chair to make sure they don’t get lost.
    • Duct tape can be used to protect the cylinder from scratches by attaching it to the teeth of the pipe wrench. Remove the tape if you have trouble gripping the cylinder.
    • Protect the surface where you are removing the chair. You can use an old blanket or discarded paper to protect the surface you are disassembling the chair on. This protects not only your chair but also your surfaces.
    • The assembly instructions will help you if you have any difficulties disassembling your chair. Depending on the manufacturer, you can often find them online. Follow the instructions in reverse.
    • Don’t remove all the necessary parts. Make sure that the chair is just right-sized to fit in the space you have.
    • Never disassemble your chair’s mechanism to prevent it from malfunctioning.
    • To remove the office chair cylinder from its base, use a rubber mallet. Tap the sides of your cylinder to loosen it from its base if it is still not coming out.

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    How To Detach The Cylinder From The Seat

    This is the most important and difficult step when disassembling an office chair. To detach the cylinder from the seat, you will need a pipe wrench as it will be used to loosen and remove the cylinder from the seat.

    As we told you above that it is important to cover the teeth of the wrench in order to avoid scratches at the smooth surface of the cylinder.

    First of all open the mouth of the wrench to some extent that it can grab the cylinder and once you did it, tight it and rotate the wrench in a clockwise direction and boom it will become loose.

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    How To Remove A Stuck Gas Cylinder From The Wheel Chair Base

    To remove a stuck cylinder from the office chair can be a challenging task as it requires some muscle strength. Follow the steps given below, and you will have your stuck cylinder out in no time.

    Things required:


  • Firstly, lubricate the top surface of the gas cylinder with some oil.
  • Now, take the channel locks pliers and twist the cylinder until it loosens from the seat mechanism.
  • Simultaneously, tap the cylinder with a rubber mallet.
  • Finally, use some strength to pull out the stuck cylinder from the chair mechanism.
  • How To Remove Office Chair Headrest

    Disassembling An Office Chair: 6 Things To Consider

    Commonly, most office chair headrests are rushed onto the seat.

    So how to remove a headrest from an office chair?

    Check whether you really want to eliminate taadbs or cover plates. Then, utilize your adjustable wrench or screwdriver to withdraw all fasteners on the headrest. to find the top product on Amazon.

    In case of how to disassemble office chair or detaily you have tabs or cover plates, place them back onto your office chair grooves.

    In process of how to disassemble office chair, keep in mind clearly to protect small free parts in your fixed pack.

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    Reasons For Disassembling An Office Chair

    There are five main reasons you might need to take your office chair apart:

    1. Moving If youre moving house or office, its likely that youll need to take your furniture with you. This includes your office chair. By taking it apart, you can make it much easier to transport.

    2. Storing If you dont have space for your office chair in its current form, you can take it apart and store it in a smaller space.

    3. Cleaning Office chairs can get dirty very quickly, especially if you have children or pets. By taking it apart, you can clean every nook and cranny easily.

    4. Repairing If your office chair is damaged, you might need to take it apart in order to fix it.

    5. Return Another reason you might need to take your office chair apart is if youre returning it to the store. If youre returning an office chair to the store, youll need to take disassemble it first.

    Whether you need to move it to a new office or simply want to take it apart for cleaning, this can be a helpful process.

    What To Do When The Base Is Stuck On The Gas Cylinder

    Typically, its very easy to remove the base from the cylinder. You just need a hammer and a lubricant. But if you have a relatively old chair, the base can get stuck. It can also be a result of rust forming on the gas cylinder. The accumulated rust prevents the cylinder from gliding smoothly.

    So how will you be able to take it out?

    Pour the WD 40 over the joints of the gas cylinder. Ensure that the lubricant reaches the bottom. Have a piece of cloth handy to remove some of the excess oil.

    Tilt the chair to the side and hold the base with one hand. Use the rubber mallet or hammer to pound the bottom of the cylinder. This should be able to release the cylinder from being stuck.

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    How To Disassemble Office Chair In 2022

    By David Williams | Last Updated:

    There may arrive a moment when you need to relocate all of your office equipment to another place. Fitting a huge, bulky chair into your truck or wagon can be challenging, particularly if it doesnt accommodate. If youre attempting to dismantle an office chair to return it to the manufacturer, you might be at a disadvantage as to where to start to make the chair accommodate into the original packaging.

    If you dont know How to Disassemble Office Chair, there are several factors to consider, tips and techniques, and ways to disassemble your chair covered in this article to make it smaller for transit. Lets get going!

    Pull Off The Headrest:

    How to Disassemble Office Chair with 5 Steps

    Not every chair has a headrest feature. And most of the time, the headrest of a chair is easily detachable. Do it in the second phase because once you pull it off, the movement will be more comfortable. All you need to do is detaching the headrest only by the pull of, or if there is any joint, you can use a screwdriver.

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    Remove The Chair Body

    The metal cylinder, the backrest, and the seat pad should all be removed from your chair. Before moving on to the other parts, you should first remove the seat.

    Begin by removing the bolts that connect the backrest to the seat pan. Then, gently separate the parts. Use the Hex key Allen wrenches and screwdrivers you used in the previous step.

    You can easily separate the body framework and starbase of an office chair that has a single unit structure. To determine if your chair has hydraulics, you can perform a quick test. Adjustable chairs always have this feature.

    Check for all the screws and bolts underneath the seat pan if your chair is connected to hydraulics. If you find any, remove them from the seat pan.

    We know that not all office chairs use hydraulics. You will need to determine how to remove your pneumatic technology from your office chair.

    Disassembling The Steelcase Leap Chair

  • Remove the seat from the chair. We have a video going more in depth on this process here.
  • Next, remove the cylinder from the bottom of the chair. This is held in by only friction, so a good pull with a pipe wrench should release it.
  • Then, separate the cylinder from the base of the chair using a mallet. A good smack from underneath the base should do the trick.
  • Finally, remove the five casters by pulling them from the base.
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    Remove The Wheels Of The Chair

    Removing the wheels of the chair will reduce the chairs mobility. Thus making the entire process easier. For this step, we need a pry bar and a screwdriver.

    Grab your office chair and tilt it to one side. The caster wheels should be exposed on either the left or the right side. Use one hand to hold the leg of the chair and the other hand and to hold the caster wheels. Then remove the caster wheels for the chair by pulling them out. If you find it difficult, use a pry bar.

    Position the nail end of the pry bar between the caster wheel and the leg of the chair. Repeat the same process for each wheel of the chair until you have all the caster wheels removed.

    Now that the chair is no longer mobile, it will be easier to proceed to the next step.

    Dont Disassemble Unnecessary Components

    How to Disassemble and Repackage any Steelcase Leap Chair for Return.

    When it comes to dismantling your office chair, consider why you need it dismantled in the first place. You would not want to dismantle any elements of the chair that arent essential. Some chairs may not require you to detach the back or unscrew it from its cylinder.

    Try to dismantle the chair as little as possible to avoid causing any damage to it. It is always feasible to contact the manufacturer to find out which chair elements should be removed for disassembly.

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    How To Take The Seat Off An Office Chair

    At this point, what should be left of your chair is the seat pan, the back rest, and the metal cylinder. Focus on detaching the seat first before proceeding to the rest of the parts.

    Start by unbolting or unscrewing the fixtures that link the back rest to the seat pan, and gently separate the two parts. Do this using the Hex key Allen wrench and screwdrivers from the previous step.

    If your office chair has a single unit structure, all you have to do is separate the entire body framework from the star base. Perform a quick check to determine if your chair uses hydraulics to raise your chair. This feature is always present in adjustable chairs.

    • If your chair is attached to the hydraulics, check for any bolts or screws beneath the seat pan. If there are any, undo them and detach the seat pan and the back rest from the base as a single unit.
    • If your chair isnt attached to the hydraulics, separate the two parts by pulling them away from each other. Next, remove the cylinder with the hydraulics from the base of the chair.

    We understand that not every office chair uses hydraulics. If yours uses pneumatic technology i.e., gas lift cylinders determine how to detach them from your office chair in the next step.

    When you assemble your office chair later on, use a cushion on the seat to make it more comfortable than before. Heres our post about 8 Types of Cushions to help you decide which cushion to pick for your chair.

    How Do You Fix A Pneumatic Chair

    If your pneumatic chair is not working properly, first, check to see if the gas cylinder is properly inflated. If it is not, inflate it using a pump. Next, check to see if the piston is properly lubricated. If it is not, lubricate it using WD-40 or another lubricant. Finally, check to see if the O-ring is properly seated. If it is not, replace it with a new one.

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    Unscrew The Fixtures To Separate The Seat From The Backrest

    At this stage, you should just be left with your chairs seat pan, backrest, and metal cylinder. Detach the seat first before removing the rest of the parts.

    For this step, you will need:

    • Allen wrench or screwdriver
    • Begin by unbolting or unscrewing the fixtures that connect the seat pan to the backrest.
    • Gently separate the two parts.
    • If your office chair is made of a single unit structure, all you have to do is separate the whole framework from the star-base. If your chair is attached to hydraulics , check for any screws or bolts under the seat pan. Then, undo them and detach the seat from the rest of the unit.

    Remove The Office Chair Headrest

    How To Disassemble An Office Chair

    If your computer chair comes with a headrest, it will most likely be attached with a few bolts. There may be a cover plate over the bolts if so, you need to remove it first to get access to the bolts.

    Once the cover plate is removed, use a screwdriver or an Allen wrench to remove the bolts and detach the headrest. When ready, put the cover plate back in place.

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    Tips You Need To Remember While Disassembling An Office Chair Base

    Following tips, everyone who wants to remove or replace the chair parts must know.

    • Always keep your screws, bolts, or clip-on in a ziplock bag after removing.
    • Make sure you do not hammer yourself while using a rubber mallet.
    • Always place an old blanket to protect your chair and flooring.
    • Protect your surfaces with old clothes or newspapers before disassembling the office chairs.
    • Apply duct tape to the teeth of your pipe wrench. This will help prevent scratches on the cylinder.
    • You can always refer to the assembly instructions that come with your office chair to avoid incorrect assembly or disassembly.

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