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The Cast Of The Office Didnt Like Season 8

Jim, Pam, and Karen – The Office US

When Carell left the show, James Spader was replaced briefly by Rainn Wilsons Dwight Schrute. Later, Andy Bernard became the regional manager for Dunder Mifflin Scranton in season 8.

It always disappointed me that we didnt trust in our core office group enough to continue the show without bringing in what I think we thought we needed, Jenna Fischer explained to Baumgartner.

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Shes referring to the big guest actors showrunners brought in to fill Carells shoes. The likes of Will Ferrel, Will Arnett, Ray Romano, and even Spader, who were all contenders for the regional manager position. Fischer feels like fear drove some decisions.

Season 7 Episodes 11 & 12

  • Emotional Weight: 8.08


Best Quote: “I’m the office administrator now, which means I’m basically being paid to be head of the Party Planning Committee. The first thing I did as head, I shut it down. At its worst it was a toxic political club used to make others feel miserable and left out… At its best, it planned parties.” -Pam

Dwight tortures Jim by acting like a straight-up killer in a snowball fight. Holly returns to Scranton from Nashua and Michael is, as ever, smitten and nervous. He’s still a child about her, unable to get over the clear obstacles in their way, but he’s working toward it. A great episode.

‘the Office’ Halloween Episodes: The Complete List

Halloween brings plenty of seasonal trends around each October, but perhaps none more surprising than bing re-watches of The Office. The Sitcom has some of the most beloved Halloween-themed episodes in all of TV, and many fans are dusting off their favorites for this month. Here’s a quick reference guide to find all of your favorites.

The Office is still going strong as one of the most-binged shows in the age of streaming TV. The series originally ran from 2005 to 2013, but it has arguably established an even stronger legacy on streaming services since then. Fans nearly had a meltdown when the show left the Netflix catalog, and today it is one of the biggest draws for NBC‘s in-house streaming service Peacock. It is also available on digital stores for purchase or rental, either by the episode or by the season.

While it may not have jump scares or monsters, it would not be fair to say that The Office isn’t scary at all. The show offers a haunting portrait of the daily grind, sprinkled in with a few characters that would terrify us if we encountered them in real life, like Michael Scott, for one.

More importantly, it captures the real spirit of Halloween the reason we cover ourselves in face paint and thrift store costumes once a year. It translates that child-like sense of wonder to an adult audience, and for that, it is invaluable. Here is a look at all the Halloween episodes of The Office.

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John Krasinski Is The Reason The Office Ended After Nine Seasons

Krasinski said, Look, I think we need to do our last season,’ Greg Daniels recalled to Baumgartner. He was the leader .

I had a very honest conversation with Greg, Krasinski explained. He called me about season 9 and said, What do you think? and I said, You have to end the show.’

For Krasinski, it wasnt about negotiating contracts. It was about ending the show on the highest note possible before the network decided to end it for them.

I remember that feeling of like, we dont want to be taken out back Krasinski joked. I dont want to go behind the shed.

Baumgartner agreed. I remember being conflicted, but ultimately I felt like was the right decision.

While the cast never wanted the show to end, they knew eventually they would start being offered different projects. Instead of having the cast leave one by one, they decided to end the show in the way that they did thanks to Krasinski.

Cathy Simms Was Pam’s Replacement During Her Maternity Leave

IMDb ranking on episodes written on The Office : Infographics

First seen: Season eight, episode seven as a temp helping Pam with her workload before her maternity leave starts and inappropriately flirting with Jim.

Last seen: Season eight, episode 18 as an employee on the company trip to Florida who’s still trying to get with Jim, until he kicks her out of his hotel room.

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Critical Reviews And Commentary

Before the show aired, Ricky Gervais acknowledged that there were feelings of hesitation from certain viewers. The first season of The Office was met with a mixed response from critics with some of them comparing it to the short-lived NBC series Coupling, which was also based on a British version. The New York Daily News called it “so diluted there’s little left but muddy water,” and USA Today called it a “passable imitation of a miles-better BBC original.” A Guardian Unlimited review panned its lack of originality, stating that Steve Carell “just seems to be trying too hard…. Maybe in later episodes when it deviates from Gervais and Merchant’s script, he’ll come into his own. But right now he’s a pale imitation.”Tom Shales of The Washington Post said it was “not the mishmash that turned out to be, but again the quality of the original show causes the remake to look dim, like when the copying machine is just about to give out.”

The Office has one of the best casts on television…. It also has created several compelling characters and touching relationships, all of which is fairly remarkable for a half-hour comedy.”

âTravis Fickett of IGN in June 2007

The Office now is a pale, listless shadow of what it used to be.”

âAlan Sepinwall of HitFix in September 2011, during the show’s eighth season.

Season 5 Episode 1 & 2

  • Emotional Weight: 8.88


Best Quote:“Andy Bernard does not lose contests. He wins them. Or he quits them because they are unfair.” -Andy

Jim asks Pam to marry him. He couldn’t wait. Jesus, man, it had been four seasons. About time. Rewatch it and try to let it not get to you. Soaked in the rain, kneeling at a rest stop, somehow it’s perfect.

Meanwhile, Michael is going after Holly and dressing up as Michael Klump and, whooo boy, it is worse than you might remember. And Dwight is just straight-up cruel in these episodes. But that meanness honestly helps fuel the episode’s humor.

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Darryl Philbin Started Out As A Hardworking Warehouse Worker Before Landing A Job At Jim’s Marketing Company

First seen: Season one, episode four as a warehouse worker who silently witnesses one of Jim’s pranks on Dwight. He went on to become a series regular.

Last seen: Season nine, episode 23 as a sports marketer heading back to Austin, Texas, after the wedding to continue his burgeoning career with Jim’s company.

Season 5 Episodes 14 & 15

The Hunt for Herr’s Chips – The Office US
  • Emotional Weight: 8.12


Best Quote:“And I knew exactly what to do. But in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do.” -Michael

If you haven’t watched the cold-open to this episode in a while, please stop what you’re doing and watch it.

As if that weren’t enough, the show flexes on its audience by also making this the CPR episode, which is another masterfully shot, truly hilarious sequence. Also, the Dwight-as-Hannibal meme has lived on for years.

But the best moment of this episode comes just after the cold open. Michael is in a meeting with corporate and Dwight after he almost killed Stanley while also nearly burning down the Scranton branch. Michael, trying to project authority, wants to make this all go away. He wanders up to the window in the conference room, looks at the New York skyline, takes a deep breath, lifts his leg and then sighs out, “Ahh, the city.” It’s so dumb and perfect and I wish I could live in that moment forever.

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Kelly Kapoor Evolved Several Times Throughout The Series But She Always Seems To Be Pulled Back To Ryan

First seen: Season one, episode two as an employee who slaps Michael Scott after he makes a racist joke at her expense.

Last seen: Season nine, episode 23 as a heartbreaker, ditching her finacé to run off with Ryan at Dwight and Angela’s wedding.

Her character also left the series on the season-nine premiere, leaving Scranton to move to Miami, Ohio, with her fiancé, Ravi though she mistakenly thought she was moving to Florida.

She returned on the series finale for the wedding and rekindled her long-time attraction to Ryan.

Dwight Schrute Went From Michael’s Insufferable Right

First seen: Season one, episode one as an overachieving salesman, Michael’s unofficial assistant, and Jim Halpert’s biggest foe.

Last seen: Season nine, episode 23 as the well-deserved regional manager of Dunder Mifflin who marries his on-again, off-again love, Angela, and celebrates the release of the documentary with his coworkers.

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What Bonus Content Do You Get With Peacock Premium

Theres a decent chunk of bonus The Office content available for Peacock Premium customers. Alongside every single episode, youll also get:

  • “Superfan” episodes with never-before-seen footage and deleted scenes.
  • Spanish audio and Spanish captions
  • Behind-the-scenes footage.
  • Curated themed collections like the best of the holiday parties and guest appearances.
  • Playlists with the best pranks, best office romances, and Michael Scott’s words of wisdom.
  • “The Office Zen” a 24/7 channel of ambient noise from The Office for you to play in the background at home.
  • Dedicated TikTok and GIPHY accounts dedicated to The Office.

Jim Halpert Went From A Sarcastic Prankster With A Crush To A Business Owner And Married Father Of Two

The Office, Season 7 on iTunes

First seen: Season one, episode one as a bored salesman who mostly flirted with Pam the receptionist and pranked his desk mate, Dwight, instead of working.

Last seen: Season nine, episode 23 as a loving husband and father preparing to move to Austin, Texas, with his wife, Pam, and their two children so he can work at the sports-marketing company he cofounded.

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Karen Filippelli Went From Being A Saleswoman Dating Jim To A Happily Married Regional Manager

First seen: Season three, episode one as another one of Jim’s colleagues in Stamford, Connecticut. They quickly formed a friendship and started dating on season three.

Last seen: Season seven, episode 17 as a Dunder Mifflin regional manager giving a short interview for the documentary crew about her time at the Scranton office.

She previously left the show after Jim ended their relationship to date Pam, but it was later revealed that she was the regional manager for a Dunder Mifflin branch in upstate New York. During season five we saw her again for one episode, happily married and expecting a child.

Pam Halpert Grew From A Painfully Shy Receptionist To A Confident Wife And Mother

First seen: Season one, episode one as Dunder Mifflin’s receptionist who’s always dealing with Michael’s antics and flirting with Jim even though she’s engaged to her high-school sweetheart, Roy Anderson.

Last seen: Season nine, episode 23 as a wife and mother bittersweetly leaving Scranton to move to Austin, Texas, with the love of her life, Jim, and their two young children.

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Clark Was The Smarmy New Employee Who Joined The Company On Season Nine

First seen: Season nine, episode one as another new employee doing whatever he can to please his supervisors and get ahead, much like Dwight and Andy in the earlier years.

Last seen: Season nine, episode 23 still as an employee at the company, who celebrates the documentary and wedding with his coworkers.

Season 5 Episode 1: Moroccan Christmas

GET IN – The Office US

Phyllis throws a Moroccan-themed party, but it all goes up in flames when Meredith gets drunk and accidentally sets her hair on fire. Meanwhile, Dwight takes advantage of the hottest toy of the Christmas season, the Princess Unicorn doll.

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Robert California Was Sabre’s Mysterious New Boss Who Abruptly Left The Company After It Started Failing

First seen: Season seven, episode 25 as one of the potential candidates to take over the role of regional manager though he was soon named as CEO of Sabre.

Last seen: Season eight, episode 24 as a swindling businessman introducing himself under a pseudonym to Dunder Mifflin’s new owner, David Wallace, in an attempt to secure funding for another financial opportunity.

Ryan Howard Wore Many Hats At Dunder Mifflin And Beyond Throughout The Series

First seen: Season one, episode one as a temp for Dunder Mifflin. He soon began a toxic, on-again, off-again relationship with his coworker, Kelly Kapoor.

Last seen: Season nine, episode 23 as a washed-up Dunder Mifflin employee running away from his responsibilities with Kelly.

He previously departed the show on season nine, episode one, to follow Kelly to Ohio after she moved with her fiancé. But he reappeared for Dwight and Angela’s wedding on the series finale with a baby he was raising on his own which he abandoned to run away with Kelly.

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Charles Miner Spent Some Time At The Scranton Branch To Try And Increase The Company’s Success

First seen: Season five, episode 20 as the new vice president of the northeast region of the company and Michael’s boss. He set up shop in the Scranton office to oversee productivity and supervise Michael.

Last seen: Season five, episode 28 still as a Dunder Mifflin employee, playing volleyball for the corporate team at the company picnic.

Season 6 Episodes 17 & 18

âThe Officeâ supported by nine great seasons â Scot Scoop News
  • Emotional Weight: 8.16


Best Quote: “Holly thinks that this relationship is over. I am not going to give up that easy. I am going to make this way harder than it needs to be.” -Michael

In my notes for this episode, I wrote, in real time: “It doesn’t make sense. Why would David Wallace force Holly to leave? Plenty of Dunder Mifflin employees date? I mean, sure, the last time Michael dated someone and hid it, that person was Jan and together they nearly ruined the company but…OK, yes, it makes sense.”

It makes sense but that doesn’t make it any less sad. As Michael and Holly ride along in Darryl’s truck, there’s the tension of the inevitable break-up. When a relationship comes to that point where all your best plans and intentions are useless compared to what the world’s throwing at you you tiptoe on eggshells, trying not to finally crack it all wide open. But eventually, time runs out, as it does for Michael and Holly.

Deeply sad, Michael rides back with Darryl, who tries to comfort Mike with some blues riffing. Michael takes it too literally and just sings “Duh Nah Nuh Nuh” over and over. It’s beautifully funny.

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How To Watch Episodes Of The Office

Peacock is the streaming home of NBC’s The Office. All nine seasons are available to stream on Peacock, NBC’s streaming service. Watch the complete series on Peacock.

Peacock also has a series of The Office: Superfan Episodes available, which contains additional footage you don’t want to miss.

Peacock is the streaming home of The Office.

Pete Miller Was A Young Office Worker Who Developed A Crush On Erin While She Was Still Dating Andy

First seen: Season nine, episode one as a reluctant new employee in the office. People initially compare him to a young Jim, which inspires Jim to make major career changes.

Last seen: Season nine, episode 23 as a seasoned Dunder Mifflin employee attending the documentary events and Dwight and Angela’s wedding with his girlfriend, Erin.

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Season 7 Episodes 25 & 26

  • Emotional Weight: 6.03


Best Quote: “Angela’s engaged to a gay man. As a gay man, I’m horrified. As a friend of Angela’s: horrified. As a lover of elegant weddings, I’m a little excited.” -Oscar

Will Ferrell’s DeAngelo Vickers remains in a coma and Dunder Mifflin is looking for its next boss. The show trotted out a parade of celebrities including Ray Romano, Jim Carrey, Warren Buffet, Ricky Gervais as David Brent and, of course, James Spader as Robert California. At the time it aired , the buzz was all about who would be the next boss. The big celebrities were mostly obvious fakeouts and Catherine Tate’s Nellie was the rumored frontrunner. Of course, we ended up getting some mix of Spader, Tate, and Ed Helms.

In the interim, Creed is running the show and it’s pure, unadulterated nonsense. His presentation frantically pointing to the acronym B.O.B.O.D.D.Y is a personal favorite.

Still, this episode is probably higher in the rankings than it should be, almost on a technicality. It’s memorable because of all the celeb cameos and for being the first post-Michael experience. It’s important because it’s doing the leg-work of setting up next season. It’s also pretty damn funny but in a lot of ways it’s empty calories.

Can I Buy The Office

Stanley Loses Weight – The Office US

If you don’t want to sign up to Peacock but still want to know how to watch The Office,you can still purchase single episodes or whole seasons on Prime Video, iTunes and the Google Play Store.

If you prefer to own physical media, you can also purchase The Officeas a complete box set that contains all nine seasons of the show.

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