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Vl705 Mesh Back Leather Big And Tall Chair Review

Extra Wide Big & Tall 500 Lbs. Capacity Leather Desk Chair w/ 28″W Seat

This plus size office chair has a rating to hold a weight capacity of up to 450 LBS. Its as solid as a rock and the seats wide enough that you may no longer pinch your legs, which I just hate.

While the actual design looks very professional, it also serves a greater purpose. The comfortable padded mesh material lets your chair breathe keeping your back cool and prevents sweating. Which is great for creating a more comfortable work station. The more comfy you are the more productive you can be.

When we compared the Basyx office chair to some of the higher ticket priced items, we found very similar attributes and wondered why people would spend so much more when theres a decent office chair in the Basyx. Perhaps many people havent heard of this chair. But now you have, so before you pay around $1000 for a 450 LB office chair, we recommend you consider the Basyx by Hon. Highly recommended heavy duty computer chair.

Get Up And Move Every Hour

If possible, try to get up from your desk and walk around at least every hour of the workday, advises Adam J. Schell, M.D., a fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeon with The Maryland Spine Center. When youre sitting, youre at the most disadvantaged position for the discs in your back, he explains. When youre standing, the pressure on your back is lower.

Deborah McKernan-Ace, program director of the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program at the Rutgers School of Health Professions, echoes Schells sentiments. Regular movement is critical to prevent musculoskeletal issues such as muscle fatigue, and joint deformities and alignment in the neck and spine, she says. When people sit at a desk, they tend to either hunch over the desk or protrude their neck towards the computer screen, McKernan-Ace continues. This positioning could result in long-term musculoskeletal issues over timeneck tightness and pain, jaw pain and shoulder and back pain, she continues. Also, over time, the muscle tightness may cause tension headaches.

What To Look For In A 500 Lbs Capacity Office Chair

Being bigger than average can make it difficult to find furniture that fits and is comfortable: normal chairs can pinch or feel unsteady, or even collapse under you. An office chair for a person who weighs close to 500 pounds needs to be heavy duty to provide good, long-lasting support.

There are many good options for heavy duty office chairs available if you know where to look . Whether you are searching for a fancy executive chair, a modern gaming chair, or just a simple and sturdy place to sit, this list has options worth considering. Be careful to look at dimensions before buying a chair, because some chairs might be too big or too small in certain areas depending on your specific size.

Another trend to be aware of in heavy duty chairs is the heavy part the metal frames of these 500 pound capacity chairs generally weigh a lot, so assembly may be easier with the help of a friend, family member, or other associate. On the flip side, these durable materials usually help ensure that these heavy duty chairs will stand the test of time. With all that in mind, good luck in your search for the office chair that fits you!

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Anda Seat Premium Dark Knight Gaming Chair

This Anda seat Dark knight gaming chair is the best gaming chair for 500 lbs or tall people. Speaking of gaming chairs, there are only a few such chairs available which offer you such a plus-sized form factor for people who are a bit bigger than the average population. This Anda Dark knight gaming chair fills that void.

The weight carrying capacity of this chair is around 450 lbs , and you will feel this feature by experiencing the sturdiness of it. It is built like an absolute tank wrote a reviewer. It is made up of a metal frame, PVC and carbon fiber which assures the best build quality. The back of this gaming chair is also made flexible but not too soft with a certain angles curve which is created using pillows.

The cushion and seat itself of this gaming chair is made up of cold foam which is pressed with pressure. What this helps in is that even after long time usage by a heavier person on this chair will not be able to sag it and lose its shape over time, which is the case with most other foams for chairs.


Wide Seat: Hon Sadie Big And Tall Executive High Back Leather Office Chair

BrylaneHome Oversized Women

This executive chair gives you legroom like no other!

The wide 23-inch seat makes this perfect for bigger people. You can feel free and a lot more comfortable in comparison to regular office chairs.

Its also thickly padded to support your weight and to make you feel more relaxed.

Upholstered with bonded leather, it looks cool and chic but its also simple to clean up.

The weight capacity for this chair is an impressive 400 pounds.

It just goes to show that they were thinking of their big and tall customers when designing this tall chair.

But what makes it able to support that much weight?

Aside from the wider seats, the nylon base also offers more support, intended to withstand more pressure.

Theres a lot that you can adjust with this tall office chair. You can modify the height, tilt, tilt tension, and tilt lock.

This has to be one of the best big office chairs on this list because of how the company thought of what big and tall individuals might need.

If the leather executive office chair design is right up your alley, you wont regret this one.

But if you do, you can rest at ease because this big office chair is backed by the HON 5-year limited warranty.

Heres my personal favorite.

Just take a look at how wide the seat and back are. I have no doubts that it can fit you comfortably.

Its even designed to reduce pressure on your body. Youll feel comfortable and supported thanks to that lush padding.

But what sold this chair is the customer reviews.

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Best Big And Tall Office Chairs With 500 Lbs Capacity

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Note: Last Updated: March 29th, 2021

Theres big and tall, then theres big and tall. If you weigh up to 500 lbs, shopping for an office chair is often a challenge. Besides the usual ergonomics, features, and even style, two even more important criteria you must check off are maximum weight capacity , plus large seat and backrest dimensions so you dont feel squeezed. The later is often looked by heavy shoppers, as they neglect the physical dimensions of the chair and focus only on capacity.

In this detailed buyers guide for really big and tall users, I did all the homework and came up with a list of the 5 best heavy duty office chairs that can handle a weight capacity of 500 lbs. Each one represents the best in their class of heavy duty chairs, from executive, mesh, to gaming chairs. If youre a large user, you cant go wrong with any of the below. Lets go!


The BestMassage Big and Tall is a monster of a chair with the size and fortitude to hold wide and large users. Its 500-pound weight capacity is complemented by an ultra spacious seat that only sumo wrestlers would find lacking.

The BestMassages heavy-duty metal base enables it to support heavyweight users. Even better, the seat itself is extra wide at a whopping 27.4. If you still find it lacking, you can make more room for yourself by simply not attaching them during assembly. One buyer whos 450 lbs was impressed that he can plop down and lean back without hearing a creak.


Big And Tall Office Chair 500 Lbs Office Chair

This office chair by a relatively lesser known brand is by far the best desk chair for 500 lbs weight capacity. It is the Big and Tall 500 lbs office chair. And it is exactly what its name suggests, it is a big, wide and tall office chair with a very sturdy structure, made especially to last long. But it is much more than just a tall, wide chair.

Starting with the ergonomics of this office chair, the back of the chair is very tall and wide which shows that it is made for people who have a rather tall or big stature, and a specific curve in the backrest is basically a very well built and placed rest for the curvature of your spine. The curvature of the chair alone provides support for your whole spine. So you can sit in it all day long with a pain-free back.

The distinguishing feature of this office chair is that it is equipped with a back lumbar massager within its cushion. Yes, youve heard it right. Just plug in the USB power adapter and give yourself a soothing little back massage.


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Its More Than Just Oversized

What makes the PlushCore a stand out for me is the fact it has 6 built in vibrational massagers. Two in the seat and four in the backrest. These massagers are precisely positioned to relieve built up tension in the pressure points along your back, lumbar and under your thighs.

The massage is controlled by an external remote which gives you the option to play with the intensity, type of massage and timer settings. when your done, simply put the control away in the attached pouch ready for your next work session.

The Widest Office Chair For Heavy People

Extra Wide 500 Lbs. Capacity Leather Office Chair w/ 24″W Seat

When looking for the widest office chair, the total width of the chair is not important if you are looking for that extra seat space. The widest office chair I could find is the Comfort Products Admiral big and tall executive leather chair .

There is a bit of confusion going on in regards to the actual seat size. In the reviews, the seller states that it is 27 inches wide and 33 inches deep.

Which is quite large indeed. But when you check the Comfort Products website it clearly states the seat size as 25 inches by 21 inches in depth. However the seller also comments in the Q& A that the seating area is 22×22, confusing much?

While the seats back is 26 inches wide by 36 inches high. The actual overall width of the chair is 27 inches, not the seat.

Either way, 22 inches 25 inches wide is quite special. Only one other chair was able to match this size which is mentioned below.

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Sadie Big And Tall Office Computer Chair For 500 Lbs

This office chair by Sadie is one of the best large-capacity chairs of 500 lbs. It has exceptional lumbar support in the lower back area, which gives the right support just where it is needed. You will not have to be concerned about the rolling casters going weak due to the weight. This office chair has a fantastic build quality ensuring durability and long life.

Unlike the leather chairs, this one has a breathable mesh back support. This means that you can sit on it all day long and still be comfortable. The arm holds are adjustable, and you can alter the height according to your requirement. This feature makes sure that your shoulders do not become stiff after long hours of sitting.

The finest thing about this chair is its diverse outlook. You can put this heavy-duty chair in conference rooms as well as in your living rooms. The comfort and style combined mean that these chairs can be used however you like. This is undoubtedly among the best office chairs for 500 lbs.


To Lift Or Not To Lift

When you are deciding what chair to get, it is essential to consider whether you want it to have a lift feature or not. A lift feature can help you sit down, recline, return to a seated position, and stand up without having to do the work of all of those things yourself.

These chairs are often motorized to help people who need a little extra assistance in getting in and out of their chairs. This is good for older customers or those who have problems with their back, knees, or hips. If any of these qualifications fit you, then a lift chair might be the right choice for you. However, if these do not fit you, then you might not need to consider the lift feature in your chair choice.

The motorized lift feature does come with a heftier price tag. You need to weigh the pros and cons when determining if a motorized lift is right for you. Do you have a medical condition that makes it challenging to sit down or stand up? Has your weight gotten to the point where sitting and standing are taxing on you? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you should consider an electric lift chair.

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Big And Tall Office Chair 500 Lbs

#FF-M-1-BK-2022Big and Tall Office Chair 500 lbs USUALLY LEAVES FACILITY IN 2-3 WEEKSWEEKS Black Eco Leather which is a combination of leather and polyurethane for added softness and durability Chrome accents High Back Design with Headrest and Built-In Lumbar Support Weight rated up to 500LBS Extra wide seat dimensions 22″Wx19.5″D 6″ thick seat CAL 117 Fire Retardant Foam Pneumatic seat height adjustment from 21-23.5″H Tilt Lock Mechanism rocks/tilts the chair and locks in an upright position, Tilt Tension Adjustment Knob adjusts the chair’s backward tilt resistanceContoured Back and Seat, Waterfall Seat reduces pressure on your legsHeavy Duty Chrome Base with Dual Wheel Casters SHIPPING is included in the sale priceThis big and tall leather executive office chair is weight rated up to 500LBS. The padded headrest, leather wrapped arms and lumbar support will bring you comfort all day long.OVERALL SIZE: 27″Wx32″Dx44-47″H CU.FT: 10.4SEAT SIZE: 22″Wx19″Dx21-23.5″H BACK SIZE: 25″H
Black Eco Leather:

Best Tall Office Computer Chair: Duramont Mesh Big And Tall Office Chair

BrylaneHome Extra Wide Chrome Finish Office Chair (500 lb. capacity)

After a long days work on your computer, is your back aching and neck sore?

You probably need a chair with a tall back and a headrest. The sooner you get an office chair like this, the sooner you can dodge further harm to your back!

The best big and tall office chairs are those that can not just give lumbar support to your lower back. It should also offer comfort to the upper spine and help your posture.

Another plus is that the headrest height and angle are adjustable, so you can angle it to best fit your needs.

But this isnt the only feature that you can adjust to your needs, you can also tweak the lumbar support.

Its great for anyone suffering from lower back problems.

Make it curved or angled to your liking, youll be glad to see improvement in your spinal health!

It even has adjustable armrests, seat height, seat tilt, and tilt tension. All of these are available features made to accommodate all kinds of body types.

The upholstery is a breathable mesh fabric that will allow air to flow through.

If you live in a warmer climate, or if you just tend to get warmer than others, you cant go wrong with mesh.

Just like the other tall office chairs here, its easy to assemble.

The weight capacity of this chair is about 330 lbs, which isnt too great in comparison to the other chairs.

I would recommend this to tall and lanky people who want more spinal support.

Check out this customer assembling his Duramont high back office chair below.

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Wide Executive Big & Tall Office Chair

Another option to consider is the office chair by PlushCorewhich has a 23 inch wide seat with a depth of 22.5. So quite a large seat and best of all, it offers enough depth for the taller person to feel supported under their thighs.

Speaking of tall people, the seat height on this chair is not for anyone below 59 in my opinion. The minimum the seat goes is 20 inches and the highest the seat raises to is 23 inches. So certainly a option for the big and tall.

What Does It Mean To Be A Wall Saver

One thing a lot of the Big Man recliners will advertise is that they are a wall saver. You may be wondering what this means. Wall-saver recliners will adjust forward when you are putting it in a reclining position. This is a helpful function of any Big Man recliner because it saves space in whatever room you put it in.

If you do not choose a recliner with the wall-saver feature, you will have to pull your chair away from the wall when you want to recline. This allows your chair to set halfway into the middle of the room. Wall saving does not mean that it wont leave marks or scuffs on your walls if it does happen to rub up against it when you are reclining.

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Lane Stallion Big Man Comfort King Wallsaver Recliner

Dorado Walnut

This first Big Man recliner is the Lane Stallion Big Man Comfort King Wallsaver Recliner. This recliner is rated up to 500 pounds to fit any consumer comfortably. It has a horseshoe-shaped back and extra plush kidney pillows for added back support and comfort.

It also has large padded arms and a T-cushion to provide maximum comfort in the seat and sides.

This seat has a width of 25 inches, which means it can fit larger body frames easily. The reclining mechanism is made of 7-gauge steel, giving it a sturdy construction that will be long-lasting.

It also has high-tension coils to provide more support in the seat. When the chair is in a reclining position, it is as long as a king-sized mattress.


  • Extra tall seat back for users with longer torsos.
  • Eased back pain in some users.
  • Users report it lasting over 15 years.
  • Excellent construction, which makes it durable and meant to last.


  • Many users claimed that the instructions did not make sense when they were trying to put it together.
  • If you purchase the manual reclining version of this chair model, the manual reclining lever is a bit difficult to use.
  • The leg rest does not go any higher than the seat, making it difficult to elevate your feet.

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