Best Office Chair For Working At Home


Armrests Can Be Very Very Helpful

Best Chairs for Work at Home 2022 | (TOP 5 Office Chairs)

When it comes to supporting your arms and shoulders while you work, armrests are super importantjust as long as theyre at the right height, that is. If your chair has armrests, adjust them so that keep your arms at a 90-degree angle while you type, McKernan-Ace recommends. Armrests should be just beneath your elbows when arms are relaxed.

The 21 Best Office Chairs To Work From Home In 2020

Searching for the best office chairs to put in your home workspace? Youre not alone. When the coronavirus closed offices across America in March, many thought it was a temporary measureand their hastily crafted coffee-table cubicles were too. But as reports emerge that some corporate buildings, especially those in the New York area, wont reopen until late 2020, it looks like WFH is the new normal for those of us lucky to do so. Which means it might finally be time to stop lounging on your couch and order a more sustainable seat.

Look for something that embraces both form and function. Because heres the thing about a home office chair: it must simultaneously serve as an aesthetic accent in your home and a surface thats comfortable enough to sit on for hours. Sure, that boring black rubber chair from an office supply store has great lumbar support, but it will be a dreary accompaniment to your happy family photos and impeccably organized bookshelf. The squishy chintz cocktail chair? Its beautifulbut boy, itll make your back hurt after awhile.

Below, 21 of the best office chairs for any well-appointed work area.

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  • Where To Buy A Home Office Chair

    If you’re on the hunt for an office chair while you work from home, only hand your money over to reputable sellers.

    Popular retailers that stock home office chairs include:

    • John Lewis offers office chairs that soar as high as £2,500. One of its bestsellers, the John Lewis Anyday Gerard Office Chair, is £59.

    Discover which retailers are rated highly by Which? members with our guide to the best and worst shops.

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    Some Issues Are More Difficult To Hack

    You cant really fix a chair that doesnt recline or reclines only slightlyor, worse, forces you to lean forward in your chair. The same goes for chairs that dont roll easily because of poor casters, backrests that are too short or nonexistent, armrests that are too flimsy, too short, or too tall to be useful, surfaces that are hard to clean, chair edges that arent rounded for comfort, or models that arent designed to hold your weight .

    If You Dont Have Hundreds Of Dollars For An Office Chair

    How A Comfortable Office Chair Increase Work Productivity

    We know that our picks are a big investmentone that not everybody wants to make or can afford to make. But unfortunately, office chairs that cost less than our budget pick are more or less the same: None of them compete with our picks when it comes to all-day comfort, ergonomics, durability, customization, and warranty. The good news: If spending hundreds of dollars on an office chair isnt in your budget in the foreseeable future, you can make a cheap office chair work for you until youre ready to upgrade.

    In our latest round of testing, we found that the sub-$100 is probably your best bet if youre looking for an inexpensive office chair that offers height adjustability. To be clear, we dont recommend buying it: We think youd probably end up replacing it sooner than youd prefer , because our panelists found it uncomfortable for long sitting sessions. But you can extend the life of a cheap, somewhat adjustable chair like the AmazonBasics with a few affordable workarounds.

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    Which Office Chair Is Best

    There are so many great chairs to choose from, and wed vouch for the reliability of all of the options listed within this article. That said, our top pick is the Hon Ignition 2.0, a reasonably priced mesh option constructed with all-day comfort in mind. Nearly every aspect of the chair is adjustable, making it a great pick for workers of all sizes. Plus, it features a synchro-tilt mechanism and tension control knob.

    Humanscale Freedom Saddle Task Stool

    Sitting in any chair for a long period of time can be hazardous to your health. I love the Humanscale Pony Stool because it forces me to sit at a healthy angle. Heres what I mean: The triangular seat promotes a more natural 135-degree saddle-like posture, as opposed to the 90-degree posture of most stools. The saddle sitting position results in better circulation. The stool weighs only 14 pounds, and the seat can be adjusted in height from 16 inches to 21 inches. When Im not sitting on it, I use it as a footstool. You can design this chair with several fabric, frame, and color options, and you can also choose between two seat styles: The Pony or the Saddle . Terri Williams

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    Farnham Executive Cream Leather Manager Chair

    For those who want a little more luxury without a hefty price tag, the Farnham Executive chair comes with a deep, padded leather seat that promises plenty of comfort. As youd expect, its adjustable so that you can match the tilt and seat angle to suit your particular frame.

    The two-year guarantee doesnt quite match that of the Markus, but the design seems sturdy enough to withstand the rigours of the 9-5.

    Ergonomic Mesh Or Leather: Whats The Difference

    The 5 Best Work from Home Office Chairs (Field Tested)

    Whether this is your first time buying your own office chair, or you’re looking for a replacement for your old one, our expert guide can help. We’ve covered everything, from key features to look out for to how much you can expect to pay.

    One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is what type of office chair you’d prefer. Once you’ve decided on your material and budget, head straight to our office chair reviews to find the most suitable choice for you.

    We’ve summarised the main pros and cons of a few key categories below.

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    Vertagear High Back Gaming Chair

    If youre looking for a gaming-style option, this is the best chair. The high backrest can adjust 60 degrees, and the tilt tension lets me choose the right resistance level to move back and forth without worrying that Im going to flip over. Lumbar support is built in, and the chair also has a detachable memory foam neck pillow for cushioning my head and neck a little more. The flip-up arms are another notable feature. The foam seat is also quite cushy, but not too soft. The chair also has fun, motorsports-influenced casters to help the chair glide smoothly. Terri Williams

    Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair With Lumbar Support

    Prepare for supreme comfort for long days of writing in the Duramont ergonomic adjustable office chair.

    Over the $300 price point, Duramonts design is worth the investment in your lower back support and professional goals.

    This state-of-the-art ergonomic chair highlights capabilities like its adjustable headrest for the best height and angle, lumbar support for optimal height and depth, adjustable arms, and tilt tension and backrest tilt. The breathable mesh back on the Duramont helps keep you cool and comfortable, even as you face looming deadlines.

    Some customers see no real difference in this chair for the price and revert to less expensive chairs.

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    John Lewis & Partners Ratio Ergonomic Chair

    Best: Ergonomic executive chair

    Rating: 6/10

    This faux leather chair will tick the box for workers who like the executive look at their office desk, and is styled with a nice high back and headrest. Well-padded but without feeling too spongy the chair manages to retain a firm feel for good ergonomics, and the large seat pad allows for easy movement and shifting of weight, so youre never going to get up and suffer a bout of pins and needles.

    The generous padding extends to the armrests, but the padding and the overall size of the chair mean that if you want to slide the chair out of the way youre going to need quite a big desk. The swivel seat is height-adjustable, the backrest has a tilt mechanism that locks into place and theres no lumbar support. However, this suited a few of our testers who would rather get the support that they need in that area from a cushion of their choice.

    How To Sit At A Desk Correctly

    9 best office chairs for working from home, according to reviewers

    According to the NHS website, improving your posture will effectively alleviate muscle tension. If you work from home at your desk for long periods of time, sitting correctly is crucial.

    It’s easy to fall into a slouching position while you’re concentrating on your work, and over time this can cause muscle strain. Buying an ergonomic chair and sitting in it correctly will keep you protected. Consider the following when sitting at your desk:

    • Adjust the backrest to support your lower back.
    • Use a phone headset as it’s better for your neck.
    • Your screen should be an arm’s length in front of you you shouldn’t have to bend your neck.
    • A mouse mat with a wrist pad can help keep your wrist straight.
    • Your knees should be slightly lower than your hips, so use a footrest if necessary.

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    Steelcase Gesture Ergonomic Office Chair

    Best: Ergonomic chair reclining mechanism

    Rating: 9/10

    If you want a task chair that you can truly personalise to your own ergonomic requirements then the gesture will be a serious contender for your office. Seat depth, tilt tension, seat height and recline are all at your fingertips, and the arm rests rotate so they are easily moved to support whatever youre currently working on.

    Rather than just tilt when you recline, the gestures back flexes so you can get to the angle you want with more movement going through your spine which adds to the overall comfort when using the chair at work.

    Like the Humanscale liberty ocean the seat remains flat, even when you lean back, which adds to the overall comfort when sitting in the chair throughout the day. The foam and fabric are plush without it feeling like youre sinking into the foam without any support, while the chair has a clean, professional look with a pronounced S-bend to the back rest, which will suit both modern and more traditional spaces.

    Branch Ergonomic Chair Review: Assembly

    You can order the Branch Ergonomic Chair with either a black or a white frame, and with black, gray, or blue padding. My review chair came with a white frame and black padding I liked the contrast.

    Like many lower-priced chairs, the Branch Ergonomic Chair comes disassembled you have to attach the back and the arms to the seat, the casters to the base, and then the base to the rest of the chair. Its not too difficult, and only took me about 10 minutes.

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    Herman Miller Mirra 2


    Reasons to buy

    If you work long hours at a desk every day, itâs worth investing in an ergonomic chair for back pain that will support your body properly, and our top recommendation is the Herman Miller Mirra 2. Yes, itâs expensive. But as youâd expect from a Herman Miller chair, itâs fantastically comfortable and looks stunning too. And it provides the best back support we’ve experienced.

    The butterfly-shaped backrest responds effortlessly to your movements, making your spine feel cradled and supported, and preventing you from slumping or slouching. We also found that this chair comfortably holds you with knees slightly lower that hips, while your feet are flat on the ground â a key requirement ot sit properly on a chair straight from the UK’s National Health Service .

    The mesh is lovely and breathable, so you can stay cool on warm days. The chair offers excellent lumbar support, which can be adjusted for height and the arms are fully adjustable too. The seat cushion distributes your weight beautifully, and it also takes the largest maximum load of all the chairs on this list.

    In short, this is the best ergonomic office chair that money can buy, bar none. For more Herman Miller options, see our dedicated guide to the best Herman Miller chairs and our Herman Miller Mirra 2 vs Aeron showdown.


    Reasons to buy


    Reasons to buy


    Reasons to buy


    Reasons to buy


    Reasons to buy

    Can Office Chairs Help Back Pain

    The Best Office Chair for Home Workspace | HÅG Capisco Puls

    Yes, the best ergonomic office chairs can help prevent back pain in the first place and can also help to alleviate it if you’re already suffering. That said, if you do already suffer from back pain, we recommend visiting a doctor as well as considering a new chair because there may be other underlying causes.

    Health experts provide a lot of advice on the importance of using a good chair. “In the age of technology, we spend so much time sitting at our computers, and our bodies cannot maintain good posture for hours without fatiguing,” explains Dr Amy Hoover, a physiotherapist at workouts company P.volve .

    “A chair that allows your lower back to maintain a good neutral position, supporting the natural curve in the lower back, can alleviate stress on the spine and improve the alignment of your spine all the way up to your head.”

    Lyndsay Hirst , a physiotherapist specialising in back pain and a specialist in Pilates, agrees. “The right chair set up is essential, not only to support the natural curves of the spine but also the shoulders,” she notes. “Armrests are really useful for someone who suffers neck and mid-spine pain. Lumbar support is also very useful. An adjustable seat plate, backrest and arms will allow the user to adapt the chair to their specific posture.”

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    Bestoffice Vs Furmax: Assembly

    Both chairs took about 15 minutes to assemble anyone whos ever assembled a piece of IKEA furniture should have no trouble putting these chairs together. The only tool you need to put them together is an Allen wrench, which was provided with each kit. The BestOffice chair came with a few extra screws, which I appreciated. Furmaxs instructions went a step further: They had a QR code on them, which led to a YouTube video showing how to assemble the chair.

    BestOffices instructions had this sentence: Please do not tight the screw until all screw lined up with hole and try to tight it loosely initially in all screws then tight a little bit more in all screws do not overnight one screws that will make other screw hard to tight but tight all screw firmly in the end. These kinds of unclear, loosely translated instructions are not uncommon in budget chairs.

    Winner: Furmax

    Halter Reclining Leather Office Chair

    The Halter reclining leather office chair offers a retrospective flair to any home office.

    This large, adjustable executive chair features a broad back, footrest, and adjustable mechanical parts, such as the height, armrest, and headrest. The chair rotates at angles from 90 to 130 degrees. Its priced in the mid-$100s.

    The design leather chair might not appeal to everyone. However, the chair also comes in tan and white.

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    How Do I Know If A Chair Is Ergonomic

    There is quite a specific set of requirements that make a chair ergonomic. The common ones are present in most office chairs i.e a swivel base, seat height adjustment, five-spoke wheelbase and arm support adjustment. But there are a few more to look out for that mean a chair is truly ergonomic…

    A back tilt tension adjustment that lets you rock back in your chair, lumbar support, and back angle adjustment that allows you to fine-tune the back into the most comfortable position for you. You should also look for backrest adjustment, which allows you to arrange the contours of the back cushion for optimal support and more.

    The 13 Best Office Chairs

    Top 10 Best Comfortable Office Chairs in 2020 Reviews

    Theres a good chance youve given more thought to the mattress you sleep on than the chair you sit on. Thats fine! Sleep is extremely important. But if you spend several hoursmore than eight, if youre meat your desk, its a good idea to give the humble chair more attention. Its not just about finding a comfortable seat: The right materials can whisk away body heat, and having plenty of adjustability options can tailor the chair to your body. Weve spent the past year sitting on more than 25 office chairs, and these are our favorites.

    Be sure to check out our other buying guides, including the Best Laptop Stands, Best Work-From-Home Gear, Best Mattresses, and the Best Window Air Conditioners.

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