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For one of the best leather office chairs in the market for large folks that wont break the bank, the honor goes to the OFM ESS. This is a true 400 lbs capacity executive chair thats been field tested and validated by scores of large folks.

One owner that is 300 lbs said hes destroyed every chair hes sat in until the OFM ESS. Another 350 lbs user also offered high praise for the chair even after 3 years of sitting in it for 12+ hours a day.

The seat on the OFM ESS is a generous 24 wide and 21 deep. Users say that this chair isnt just a regular chair that has been reinforced, it is specifically designed with large people in mind.

Segmented padding on the seat and back of this chair provides just the right amount of support at each ergonomic point. The stitching is secure and the bonded leather upholstery is smooth. A leather expert review this chair reports being impressed with this chairs value.

Many users of heavy duty office chairs have had the experience of chairs breaking on them OFM address this worry in the ESS Big and Tall Executive Chair by providing a Limited Lifetime Warranty. One user commented that when a rod in the chair mechanism broke, customer service was prompt in communication and sent a replacement part to make the chair whole again.


Office Chair For Heavy People: A Buyers Guide

As office chairs for heavy people come with so many features, each having different functions, choosing the ideal one can be very time-consuming. If you mistakenly choose the wrong product, not only will it make working difficult and uncomfortable, but it might harm your health. Keeping this in mind, we curated a complete buying guide to help you invest in the right big and tall office chair.

Yitahome Big & Tall Gaming Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: The best big and tall gaming chair from our research with a 180-degree lay-flat recline, a retractable footrest, and a removable USB-powered massaging lumbar pillow.


  • Available in 3 gorgeous styles
  • 180-degree recline with retractable footrest
  • Removable USB-powered massaging lumbar pillow


  • Relatively low weight rating at 380lbs

Maybe youre a gamer, or maybe you just feel that gaming chairs are designed to be comfortable more comfortable than any traditional office chair. And we get it, which is why we included the YitaHome Big and Tall gaming chair in our guide. We think its the greatest big and tall gaming chair because its packed with incredible features designed to keep you comfortable especially if youre working for extended periods. However, with a lower weight capacity of 380 pounds, this may not be ideal for everyone.

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Big And Tall Gaming Chair Alternatives

Compared to the office chairs in this review, big and tall gaming chair options are more diverse. Theres a wider range of options, most with better adjustability and lower prices.

However, none come with seats wider than the 25Flash Hercules seat. Bottom line: XL users wanting better features and value for money should choose an XL gaming chair. In contrast, those needing the widest seats possible should go for a big and tall ergo office chair.

For reference, here are some of the top-rated models:

Secretlab Titan XL

Worlds best XL gaming chair. Comes with integrated lumbar support, 4D arms, a 5-year warranty, and a seat 22.8 wide. Review | Buy now: $549-$579

Killabee 8247

Fully-loaded gaming chair with 4D arms, multifunction tilt, and a 1-year warranty. The seat is 22 wide. Review | Buy now: Price not available

E-Win Flash XL

Fully-loaded XL chair with 4D arms, multifunction tilt, a 2-year warranty, and support for 550 pounds .

Hon Wave Big And Tall Executive Chair Best 450 Lbs High Back Mesh Chair

BrylaneHome Big And Tall Memory Foam Office Chair (400 Lb. Capacity ...

HONs Wave Big and Tall Executive Chair is an ergonomic office chair with a breathable mesh design. If you liked the style of the Space Seating Seat but would like the taller back and head support that comes with an executive-style chair, the HON Big and Tall Executive Chair is a great option.

The weight capacity of the HON Big and Tall Executive Chair is 450 pounds, the highest on this list. The seat is 22 wide, fairly standard for heavy duty office chairs. One 425 pound user said that this chair lasted where other big and tall chairs had broken.

One impressive feature of this chair is the tilt control. One knob controls the tilt tension, so you can adjust how much give the chair has when you lean back, and another knob locks the tilt if you want the back to stay at a certain angle. Users comment that this chair feels very sturdy and the tilt works smoothly, but it can squeak at higher levels of tilt tension.

Finally, the HON Big and Tall Executive Chair is simply comfortable for large users. The mesh back and seat are breathable, so sweating shouldnt be an issue even for people who weigh 400 pounds, and there is lumbar support included to keep your posture good. One user reported that these designs did make the chair comfortable, specifically that mesh kept him cool enough to prevent excess sweat.


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Amazonbasics Bonded Leather Big & Tall Executive Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: The best big and tall office chair for home offices thanks to the padded armrests, lushly padded executive style, and seat adjustment from 18.75 to 22.25 inches.

  • Seat adjustment from 18.75 to 22.25


  • Lower weight rating at 350lbs

Theres no reason you shouldnt be comfortable in your home office, which is why were including this pick from AmazonBasics. Its relatively affordable, and comes in three bonded leather upholstery finishes, including white. This pick is, in our opinion, the best big and tall office chair for home offices since it provides the essential features you need in a chair, even if the weight capacity is lower at 350 pounds.

Youll get a chair with a seat that measures 22 inches wide, which puts it in the median range for a big and tall chair. The seat height can be adjusted from 18.75 to 22.25 inches. But the armrests, while padded, are fixed which may be a deal-breaker for some people.

Hercules Flash Furniture Executive Office Chair

The Hercules Flash Furniture Executive Office Chair comes with a whopping 500lbs weight capacity. The good part is that these office chairs are quite affordable, so you can buy them even if you have a budget under $400. However, these chairs are only good for office use if you sit for a shorter period during work hours. They are not ergonomic enough to be used for extended hours.

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Lazy Boy Bellamy Executive Bonded Leather Office Chair

The La-Z-Boy Bellamy Executive is another one of the top Lazy Boy office chairs in existence. Its similar to the Hyland, however, it has a few key differences. A major differentiation between this La-Z-Boy office chair and the Hyland is style.

The Bellamy has a darker color than the Hyland and the stitching and padding are slightly different.

Although there is a difference here, this executive chair doesnt lack the high style and professionalism of its counterpart.

The Bellamy still boasts the fine-grain hardwood design on the armrests and base.

Plus, it is constructed from high-quality bonded leather. Overall, the style and materials of this office chair get a two thumbs up.

The Bellamy also lacks one key feature that the Hyland has: the AIR Lumbar technology. Basically, the AIR Lumbar technology increases airflow throughout the back of the chair making for a cooler sitting experience.

Although the Hyland La-Z-Boy has this nice feature, the Bellamy is the cheaper of the two La-Z-Boy office chairs, which is likely a factor in your purchasing decision. If price is more important than that one small feature, the Bellamy is likely the best pick for you.

Here are the stand-out features that come standard with the Bellamy executive computer chair:


On the flip side, we do want you to know the few items we didnt quite like about the Bellamy. While not many, we figured its important to share both ends of the spectrum.


My Favorite 400 Pound Weight Capacity Big And Tall Office Chair

24/7 400 lbs. Capacity Multi-Function Mesh Chair

This PlushCore Executive Office Chair appeals to me directly as it is almost like it was specifically moulded for my body. Thats not to say my body shape is unique by any means, I simply look like your average heavy but tall guy.

This chair targets just that, the big and tall. With its 400 pound weight limit and an incredible 23 max seat height, its easy to see why this chair is a popular choice for other big men.

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Air Lumbar Enhanced Breathability

Only a select few of the La-Z-Boy desk chairs on this list come with the AIR Lumbar Enhanced breathability design.

Theres a great and easy way to find out if this feature is important to you. Ask yourself the question: Do I run hot, or do I run cold?

As opposed to other standard office chair materials like mesh, leather tends to hold a lot of heat.

This means that after a prolonged period of sitting, these chairs can sometimes become uncomfortably warm especially if you run hot .

Now, if you run cold, youll be fine with a model that comes without the AIR Lumbar technology. On the other hand, if you run hot you might risk sticking to a leather office chair if you dont go with one that has this excellent airflow design in the seatback.

Its only a must-have feature if your body is warmer by nature.

Which chairs have this feature?

  • The Hyland Executive

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Clatina Executive Office Leather Chair

Clatina Executive Leather Office Chair is one of those chairs that satisfy office chairs’ 400lbs weight capacity conditions. The chair has the basic features that you would wish to have in executive conference chairs. However, the armrests here are not adjustable, and the seat lacks a headrest too. Nevertheless, the backrest is tall and wide to accommodate you well, and the seat’s foam is thickly padded to ensure you stay comfortable.

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Office Chairs For Over 400 Pounds Weight

HON makes another appearance on this list with this excellent office chair that is a great option for the bigger people out there. It has one of the more impressive weight capacities on the market with an impressive 450lbs making it stronger than a few of the chairs on this list.

Moving your office chair is something that most people dont pay attention to. The wheels on an office chair can make more of a difference then you think. Need to get something from the other side of the room? With the excellent wheels on this chair, you can easily roll on over to it making your life easier.

Excellent Back Support

One of the things that really sets HON apart from the rest is how they focus on the back support of there office chairs. Youre able to customize the lower back of this chair which can help give you more support.

The backrest on this chair is higher than your standard chair which often ends up being too short for your back. This makes it comfortable and offers you more back support since your entire back is being supported. This is something that really sets this chair apart from most of the chairs on the market and something that I really like.

Made Of High Strength Materials

With this chair being made out of high-quality materials gives it a lot of durabilities that most chairs dont have. I already mentioned the 450lbs weight capacity which is impressive but is only achievable because of the quality of the materials in this chair.

Best Office Chair For 400lbs Weight Capacity

400 lb capacity office chair side view

Overweight or hefty folks must utilise 400 lbs. office chairs, although regular computer users can also benefit from them.

On certain occasions, when your kids are all over you while you are trying to work in your office. even if your wonderful wife decides she wants to sit on your lap and talk or cuddle with you for a little while. Having an additional persons body weight can put strain on the chairs frame.

Many individuals forget that the average office chair can barely support 200 to 250 lbs. until a home computer chair collapses beneath them.

A huge man doesnt need to fall to the ground because the chair was constructed with subpar materials. I think it makes sense to have a 400-pound office chair at home, whether or not you are overweight.

When you spend all day at a desk, the office chair is made to support your neck and back. You can stay comfortable, focused, and awake thanks to it. These chairs come in a wide range of sizes and hues. They have a tonne of features, and you may alter them to suit your requirements.

Weve included the top office chairs with a 400-lb weight capacity in this article. Over the past few years, weve researched a lot of items and identified the top office chairs with 400 lb weight capacities.

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What Size Office Chair Does A Big Man Really Need

People are often confused by the shear number of options available to them when it comes to buying a product like a desk chair. The truth of the matter is, theres no one perfect chair for every heavy person out there.

We all have very different shapes and sizes to our body parts. Not to mention heavy people can weigh anywhere from 250 pounds to over 500 pounds. So while starting with the weight capacity of the office chair is a good starting point, you also need to factor in your personal needs also.

Here is a quick run down of what you need to consider before buying the first option you see.

Price Is Important

Ive been around the block a few times when it comes to buying office chairs. Ive always been a big boy but Ive also been poor at the same time. So I can complytly undestand why there are some office chairs for $100 and others that cost $300 or more.

You can only afford what you can afford, but take it from me, if you have the money to spend on a higher quality chair, you wont regret it.

Cheaper $100 chairs have their place, but the chances of them lasting longer than a year is very minimal. Espceially if it is rated to hold 400 pounds.

A big and tall chair that costs $200-$300 is going to be twice as good as a cheaper option and will likely last you a lot longer. But if all you can afford right now is a $100 chair, so be it. Just keep putting away that spare change so in 6 months time you can buy a higher quality heavy-duty office chair.

Quality Of Frame


How Do Warranties And Guarantees Differ

A warranty is a guarantee of the performance of a product or service. It is an assurance that the office chair 400 lb weight capacity will meet the standards set by the manufacturer, and that the service will be performed according to the specifications set by the service provider. A warranty is typically provided by the manufacturer or service provider and is included in the price of the product or service. A guarantee is a promise to repair or replace a office chair 400 lb weight capacity that fails to meet the standards set by the manufacturer or service provider. A guarantee is typically provided by the retailer and is not included in the price of the product or service.

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Best Big And Tall Office Chairs With 400 Lbs Capacity

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If you weigh 400 lbs, you may have trouble finding an office chair that is large and sturdy enough to be comfortable. An office chair has to be well made with quality materials to withstand the frequent use that it will receive for this reason big and tall chair owners often have to shell out more for a heavy duty chair that will fit their needs. As a big guy, if youve been disappointed time and time again by office chairs that broke too quickly or just cannot accommodate your size comfortably, youre in luck.

In this guide we research the very best big and tall office chairs with a high weight capacity of 400 lbs or over for large people who need a reliable, heavy duty ergonomic office chair. Special attention is paid to the dimensions of the seat to make sure they are wide and deep enough as well to accommodate large users, as what good is a sturdy chair if you cant fit comfortably in it?

So without further adieu , heres out list of the five best heavy duty office chairs with a 400 pounds capacity in 2018.


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