2 Person Small Office Layout


Transform A Dividing Wall Into A Smart Desk Area

Small Office Home Office/SOHO Network Design & Implementation Project| Enterprise Network Project #2

If you have an open-plan kitchen design try transforming a dividing wall into a computer station. Invest in a narrow tall desk with enough space to balance a laptop and plenty of shelves for storing office supplies.

Instead of buying a single purpose desk chair, double up a breakfast bar stool from the kitchen. A pegboard hung above the desk will help free up desk space further.

Symmetrical His And Hers Home Office

When the Atlanta-based interior designer Andaika Jeannoel Courtois was designing a home office for herself and her partner, she wanted it to be symmetrical, cordless, and multipurpose.

According to Andaika, the main challenge here was to conceptualise a balanced space for two very different people while keeping everyone happy.

Sometimes you need an extra set of eyes to help you visualise your corners.

Draw some inspiration from Andtopias functional awkward spaces.

Toy Style Craft Studio

Kelly Mindell lives in Los Angeles and shares her passion for making a house a home with the audience of her Studio DIY blog.

Kelly started building up her studio with a blank slate.

White floors, white walls, the works! I wanted to bring in colour obviously but do it in a way that was completely moveable and changeable.

Above all else, she needed this space to function for any and every project that would come her way. Meaning it had to be versatile.

Since the space had to function for so many different purposes, Kelly divided it into three areas: the office, the seating area and the workshop area, which now doubles as her shooting space. Find out more on Kellys blog.

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Office Layout Idea #: The Startup

Key Features: Standing cafe tables and couches, plus easy-to-move laptop desks

Perfect for Inspiring flexible work habits and free thinking. Any company can borrow secrets from the flexible setup of a typical startup. Plenty of standing working space is key, and its good to incorporate a few flexible surfaces for placing laptops and iPads. If you are moving into a serviced office you can ask your service provider for assistance in turning your ideas into reality!

Tips and Tricks:

  • If youre short on budget, brainstorm items you might use to add height to existing tables to turn them into standing desks.
  • Move a few couches from the break room into the main work area to encourage employees to work anywhere they want.
  • Scatter inexpensive standing laptop desks, like the ones from Ergodriven, around the new workspace. Standing desks are a great option for some employees who do not want to sit all day.
  • If your company has remote employees who generally work in their own home offices, it is a great idea to create a couple of work stations for when they may need to visit the headquarters.

Using The Autonomous Smartdesk Core

50+ 2 Person Desk You

Among the excellent desks of Autonomous’ SmartDesk product line is the SmartDesk Core. The company has also launched an Employer Partnership Program that allows you to receive a discounted rate if your employer has partnered with them. Gaming desk reviews typically feature the Autonomous SmartDesk Core due to its versatility and multifunctionality.

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Place Your Office Space In A Different Room

Merely sneak a two-person desk into another room, even if it’s a remote office within a lounge room, a spare room, or maybe even a spacious main bedroom if you’re very short on area. We prefer one wide, slim desk or a coffee table instead of two workstations. Setting up a workspace at each edge of the table enables 2 people to work in that little space. Because there isn’t a lot of larger surface, such a two-person desktop is better used with a laptop than a desktop pc.

Unleash Your Inner Potter With An Under Stairs Office

Fancy yourself a bit of a wizard when it comes to magicking up small home office ideas? Thankfully, this under the stairs design is a lot more relaxing than the Dudley’s dorm for Harry Potter!

Making use of the under stair and adjacent wall, you’ll have lots of room to be creative. A faux fur rug helps to break up and soften an engineered, laminate or real wood flooring design, zoning the office space to give it its own identity.

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Optimal Office At Home

This layout is a dream home office with optimal features, like a workstation for four and aesthetically appealing seating areas for clients or families. The simple configuration is traditional, and this would appear very regal and well-thought-out when replicated in the home. This is a space where things get done, congruent with productivity. Pocket-doors provide privacy and a semblance of segregation from the rest of the house.

Pink Dual Workplace For Sweet Dreamers

My 2021 Home Office Tour

A dessert designer Caroline Khoo tells a great story about eating with style and pushing creative boundaries in her book, Im Just Here for Dessert: Macarons, Mini Cakes, Icecreams, Waffles & More. In her airy home office, Carolines outlook on life is also echoed.

What makes a setup great are the personal touches that the owner adds to it, says Kevin Ng, a Toronto-based front-end developer. Join his maker stations tour!

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Create Desk Space With Wall Mounted Lights

Home office lighting ideas are an important consideration even in a small space. In addition to overhead lighting, it is important to include task lighting over the desk itself.

Desk lamps are brilliant for this, but if desk space is at a premium consider opting for a wall-mounted spotlight instead. Plug-in wall-mounted lights make these easy to install retrospectively without any re-wiring.

However, if you want to utilise the existing desk lamp you already have Lauren Davenport, associate buyer at Furniture Village suggests being clever with positioning. Table and desk lamps are key for creating a comforting ambiance, and can be cleverly positioned behind monitors to reduce surface clutter and or placed upon a nearby shelving unit to cast a glow across the room.

Small Furniture Pieces And Plants For An Airy Feeling In Your Small Office

One trick to not overloading a small office space is to choose smaller furniture pieces. Here a dainty desk and chair, a small chest of drawers, and a comfortable chair fill the room. Dozens of house plants also share the office space, which is an excellent thing for your mental health when working from home. We love adding the nesting sofa tables and the sisal rug for more of the natural feel.

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Turn An Outbuilding Into A Home Office

Garden office ideas are the perfect way to keep work and living areas separate. Especially if indoor space is limited. Using one side for correspondence and filing and the other for more creative work helps create a sense of serenity.

Plus, there’s nothing more inspirational than a garden to look out over while working..

Create A Peninsula With Your Desk

Two Person Modern Divider Office Workstation Desk Set, #CH

Here’s another clever solution, especially if you have someone you occasionally work with or enjoy having two desk surfaces. Install an L-shaped unit along the wall, then add another desk to create a peninsula. With your chair between them, you can easily turn back and forth. Or, if you have a co-worker, they can sit on the opposite side, and you can work together. Pretty handy if we do say so.

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How Do You Integrate Storage Into A Small Home Office

Just because your home office is short on square footage does’t mean it has to be lacking in storage.

‘Floating shelves or a tall bookshelf that extends to the ceiling will provide ample amounts of storage and a place to showcase decorative items,’ says Mariana Ugarte, Co-Founder, Interior Fox . ‘The possibilities are endless when you go bespoke. Creating furniture for your room that is designed to fit seamlessly means that every inch of the room is catered for.’

Alternatively, build in storage as you go. ‘Why not create a dedicated home office within built-in joinery in the kitchen or living room, that can be shut away when you’ve finished working,’ suggests Emma Deterding, Founder and Creative Director, Kelling Designs. ‘It’s ideal for creating integrated storage where you need it. By hiding it behind doors will allow the space to function as a kitchen, diner or family living space with ease.’

Choose Your Pieces To Maximize Needed Storage

In this cute office, the user has chosen their storage wisely. The corner unit places the desk space in the corner, which helps with any waste of space that can sometimes occur with corner cabinets. Here, your legs go in the corner. A file cabinet that is styled like the rest of the furniture provides space for paperwork. On the opposite wall, a storage rack provides ample space for books and pamphlets. Bringing it all together is a large size area rug.

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How To Make Use Of Every Limited Space

Even when you have a tiny amount of room to deal with, you can set up a two-person office space. Begin by arranging the two workstations on opposing walls since you’re searching for modest-sized office design concepts. It is the greatest 2 person office layout for getting the most out of the area without having the space feel overcrowded. Also, choose workstations and ergonomic chairs with wide, light foundations. As an outcome, there will be less apparent clutter, and the area will feel extra open and spacious. If practical, get identical tables and chairs to make a tiny area feel more compact.

Soften The Look Of A Functional Home Office

Office Layout Ideas â 5 Types of Offices EXPLAINED

Don’t compromise on interior style, make the small space work harder within your home. Soften the edges of a functional workspace by incorporating decorative home accessories and plenty of plants.

A cluster of houseplants, in varying heights, leaf shapes and pot textures can help to instantly add an informal feel to a home office.

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New England Style Home Office For A Coworking Couple

When space is limited in your shared workspace, its beneficial to employ clever office storage solutions.

Choose desks with storage drawers, install file cabinets that can fit under desks or place overhead shelves for storage containers.

Keeping things arranged and put away will make even the smallest office appear bigger. Draw some inspiration from this Kiel James Patrick fashion designers maker station, complete with a cosy fireplace, accent chairs, and tons of artwork.

Conceal Your Desk Inside A Cupboard

It’s important to keep a healthy home/work life balance, so having a home office you can shut away is key for properly switching off. This solution is also an ideal small home office idea to avoid the presence of a screen or computer from encroaching on a compact living space.

Transform an old cupboard into a home office that can be opened up whenever you need it. Include a shelf for storage and a board on runners for a keyboard.Attach pin boards to the inside of the cupboard doors as a place to keep track of to do lists, tickets and postcards.

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Office Layout Idea #1: The Social Office

Key Features: Cozy common areas and desks arranged to encourage face-to-face interactions

Perfect for Employee happiness and retention. A recent Gallup poll shows that people want workplace friendships and that forming said friendships enhances performance.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Bring desks up to eye height. According to this article in Quartz, socializing is so much fun at bars because everyone, whether theyre sitting or standing, is at the same eye level. Boost up your desks to encourage spontaneous office conversations.
  • Rearrange desks so people are facing each other. This may seem awkward at first, but eventually, everyone will be more comfortable with one another.
  • Push together a few old tables and add some lifts to pull together a long bar table where people can stand around and chat.

Run A Narrow Desk Along Just One Wall For A Modern And Bright Feel

45+ Best Two Person Desk Design Ideas for Your Home Office Workspace ...

If you have a long and narrow room, consider running a slender, low-profile desk along the entire wall. Framed whiteboards hang above the desk for brainstorming, and there is plenty of storage on the lower shelves and drawers. An upholstered pouf on a small area rug provides some alternative seating for visitors or yourself.

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Sneak A Small Office Idea Into A Cupboard

Most of us had spent a lot of time in our homes recently. Because of this, we’ve looked at ways to de-clutter our spaces and get rid of things we don’t need – including clothes that don’t fit .

So if you have spare small closet ideas that were considering taking to your recycling center, turn them into a small home office idea instead.

Create this look using an IKEA MICKE desk which fits just about anywhere in the home.

Add A Comfortable Chair For A Change In Seating

When we work, it’s good to get up and move and let our body relax into different positions. A desk runs along one wall in this home office, a bookshelf on the opposite, and a cozy armchair is tucked below the window. If you need to read a document or do some research, the chair gives you a different place to sit for different work. And if you need a ten-minute power nap, then the chair has you covered for that, as well.

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Main Objectives Of Office Layouts

There are a few aspects you need to consider while designing a good office floor plan or layout. There are some minimum standards or objectives that an office layout needs to suffice. The main aim, however, remains to be the streamlined workflow, keeping in mind employee satisfaction. The following are the main objectives of an office floor plan:

  • To ensure proper and effective use of the floor space available
  • To facilitate managers with better supervision and control of their workforce
  • To ensure steady and effective workflow to increase production
  • To provide a wholesome environment to employees to make them feel safe and comfortable at the workplace
  • To facilitate better inter-communication between various departments by interlinking them as needed
  • To provide adequate privacy for your staff working on confidential projects
  • To ensure a disturbance-free working environment by insulating the office floor from external noises
  • To include provisions for future expansion of the company.

A whole amount of planning makes an excellent office floor plan needed for satisfying the high standards or objectives is always favorable to your business.

Small Office Floor Plan

My Modern Minimal-ish Office Tour 2021 – Work From Home Setup and Decor

You can use a small office floor plan when there are fewer employees in your company. This type of office layout only works when your company only has ten employees. Small offices are the best for collaboration and communication between colleagues. You can only have limited space in a small office, so when new employees are at your company, you either have to change office or re-model.


  • Employees can do their tasks without wasting time.
  • It creates a positive team environment.
  • Chit chats can distract employees from work.
  • Employees get no privacy.
  • It gives a calm feeling to your employees.
  • It wastes too much space.
  • You can only have selective furniture in the office.
  • It is hard to change the layout of an oval office.

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Relaxed Retro Style Two

The design of a functional, comfortable and dedicated dual workspace can actually be quite simple.

For Marti Palermo, whos been fixing up a 1916 bungalow in Chicagos Albany Park neighbourhood, it only took one long desk for two people with some small drawers in the middle.

No more camping out at the kitchen table!

has a step-by-step breakdown of how this setup came together .

Home Office Nook With A Corner Bookshelf

Corners are often dead spaces, regardless of room size. But with a little bit of creativity and a knack for making purposeful home design, you can change it in a blink of an eye.

Corner shelves in such nooks are not only practical and useful. They can also add an extra twist to the workspaces design.

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Does Office Design Really Matter

  • It’s your team’s second home: Whether your team comes into the office one day a week or all five, you want them to have a pleasant experience and look forward to coming in to work. Modern offices with good lighting, greenery, and thoughtful floor plans can help achieve this. Especially when compared to those forced to work in old buildings with low ceilings and outdated equipment.
  • It can impress prospective talent and clients: Even with remote work, many people in today’s workforce care about office design, and they might even look for images of your office space online before applying to a job posting. Even more, your office environment and design can say a lot about your brand, which can be critical to conveying to the right impression to prospective clients.
  • It represents your culture: Your office represents your company culture and what you value. Great culture is something you have to curate, and picking the right office layout can help bring it to life. Everything from ergonomicoffice furniture to fun meeting spaces can help represent your companys values.
  • It increases productivity: Your office environment has a significant impact on productivity and job satisfaction. While there’s some controversy on whether creative workplaces are good for productivity or not, few question the benefits that modern design can have on an office environment.

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